Fall is Here, Skating Has Started!

September 15, 2008


That’s right, its time to get out the tiny skirts, squeeze your feet back into your tight skates, and work on your finger calluses!  Every year I develop calluses on my baby fingers, and various other ones as I struggle to get the skates done up tight enough.  The skates squeeze my leg muscles back up from my ankles, and various other strange things happen to my feet.  As my new skates still are not broken in very well, there is still pain involved in this process, but the invention of new gel pads I can put around my ankles helps immensely. 

This year I plan on going twice a week to two different arenas, so I hope to make more progress.  I was however very pleased yesterday that I don’t seem to have gone too far backwards in my skating from last year.  There is a huge difference to overcome 3 months off, as opposed to 15 years!!  A lot of skating is about developing muscle memory, training your arms, legs, hips, shoulders, and hands to do the correct thing all together in a split second.  I did some spins, a lot of skating around to try and regain flexibility, and even a few little jumps to try out my legs.  Not bad!  I need to reinstate the axle dry land training however, and scare my neighbours (even more) by jumping around in the back yard.  Less chance of cracking my head open out there (I hope). 

But it is wonderful to go back to the ice.  The crispness in the air, combined with the smell of the ice brings back tendrils of memories going waaaay back into my childhood.  The sound of my blades purring across the ice, and then snicking away as I do cross cuts across the end of the rink.  The rasp of a spin, the dizziness that comes afterwards (getting better, but its a hard skill to regain, the not getting dizzy in a spin).  Expect some more videos this year of skating, some outdoor skating once the weather gets cold enough (nieces be prepared!) and even some skating knits!  I’m ready for the cold (almost).


5 Responses to “Fall is Here, Skating Has Started!”

  1. margene said

    You sure do enjoy the sport of skating. I’m just so not ready for the cold!!

  2. Anne said

    Sounds fun! It is, however, sorta sad that it takes longer for the adult muscles/brain links to kick back in than when you were a kid, doesn’t it? Same thing applied (applies?) with horseback riding for me!

  3. Jewel said

    Wow! From the bike to the skates, you sure get around. I did ice skating back when I was very, very young but haven’t been on them for many years.

  4. Carla said

    fun fun fun. Perhaps we can institute some sort of international training program, where you jump around your back yard and I practice ollies on the living room rug…

  5. I’m really happy for you, getting back into something you enjoy so much!

    The kid’s ice skating lessons started up last week. I hope he is as successful as you in finding lifetime sports he enjoys.

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