Off to RegIna…

September 22, 2008

Rhymes with v*g*n*!  Not Regeena!!  After a very exciting weekend (post to follow sometime later as I forgot my camera at home today oops) I am busy packing up for an all expense paid 3 day vacation in Regina, in the lovely province of Saskatchewan.  Myself and two co-workers are driving out, six hours each way, so I have packed an activity package for myself containing study material, 2 pairs of soon to be socks, and my Blue Hoodie.  That should do me!!  I’m also planning on starting a new book as well, Anna Karenina. 

I am attending a trade show/conference for water and wastewater, which I really enjoy.  I love learning about water technology, and even some of the wastewater stuff.  I love getting out and meeting people in the profession, seeing old friends, making new ones, chatting about the business and getting face time with people who I talk to on the phone.  Since I went to my first conference in San Francisco years ago I’ve always had a good time, especially the big international shows.  At my last company in Utah it was de rigeur to hate trade shows, because, gasp, you had to talk to strangers!  Now I’ve had some great conversations with strangers, the one that stands out most in my mind was chatting for awhile with a member of a commune in Montana.  He was not Mennonite, not Quaker, not Mormon, but another type of religion that I can never remember.  He wore hand made black clothing, but drove a truck, talked on a cell phone, and drank beer.  They were businessmen after all!  However to my old co-workers talking to strangers was bad, and doubly bad in my case I’m afraid.  Now most of the people I talk to at these things are men (unfortunate side effect of the mostly engineer population), and married.  They saw me chatting with these guys as “husband hunting” or “husband stealing” as these guys were married, and viewed it with great suspicion, and disapproval.  Of course I never saw it that way, as I’m simply trying to build relationships with clients, customers, peers, friends, and to date have stolen 0 husbands in 10 years of “trying”.  Maybe I just wasn’t doing it right huh? 

I’m also looking forward to meeting a new co-worker from Saskatchewan for the first time, who is super special as she has already spun some yarn for me.  We are now calling her boss “super smart” as he hired a knitter, as is my boss, and are asking da bosses to ask prospective employees if they knit.  Which my boss did actually, and flabbergasted the interviewee.  Tee Hee!! 

So posting may be erratic this week, but here is a little teaser from the weekend:

Now I’m not going to say I rode up both of the two huge climbs, but I will say I made it to the top.  And that’s what counts isn’t it…  And I almost landed an axle on Sunday!  Progress….


7 Responses to “Off to RegIna…”

  1. Katherine said

    Anna Karenina. Whew. What is it with you cold winter climate people and self-punishment? Isn’t the long winter enough?

  2. Jewel said

    Have fun on your trip! Six hours both ways, you should be able to get a lot of knitting done.

  3. Anne said

    Have a safe trip!

    I think you should now require your boss(es) to allow knitting training as a continuing ed credit, since apparently all GOOD employees know how to knit. 🙂

  4. Cheryl S. said

    Exciting weekends, trade shows… you’re on a roll! I love conferences/trade shows too. But only because I’ve finally learned that it’s OK (and fun) to talk to strangers. I’m still a little shy about it, but much better than I used to be (I have Larry to thank for that – he’ll talk to anybody, anywhere.)

    But yes, clearly you do need to work on that husband-stealing thing.

    v*g*n* = Virgins? Vegans? Hmmmm. What could it be, what could it be? 😉

  5. Well, there’s a cheery little book to raise your spirits!

  6. Susanne said

    Hutterites, they have huge farms, raise wonderful stock /grains and drive trucks, wear black, talk on cell phones.

  7. Sunnyknitter said

    I loved Anna Karenina! Have a fun, safe trip!

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