Catching Up!

September 29, 2008

Don’t you hate hotels that don’t have WIFI, or charge you $12.99 a day for it, or they have ethernet and forgot to bring your cable, cause you are used to WIFI, and then you are too busy smoozing it up at the conference to even have time to check e-mail, much less communicate your exciting adventures to your friends and family?  A quick sum-up is that I finished one sock, and started on the next in the car, read one chapter of my book I’m supposed to have been done already for my exam next week, and didn’t take many photos.  Conferences always tire me out terribly with all the standing around and being nice to everyone.  I did however get to spend an evening working the charity booth of Water for People.  This charity was started by water professionals, and completely supported by them.  They choose specific water projects in needy places and donate money, knowledge, and time.  We raised money for a community in India, and I had a great time encouraging people to get involved, buy tickets, and bid on the silent auction items. 

Fall is progressing here in Alberta, and it is beautiful with cold nights just above freezing, and warm days.  The trees are yellow, and the grasslands are a beautiful golden colour rich with various hues.  The weekend before last saw me up in the mountains for a looong bike ride up two good hills.  I made it up the first one, and was pointed out the next hill by my faithful companions:

Waay over there.  But I made it, and passed a hiking group filled with many people who appeared to be senior citizens.  Did you hear that?  Yup, I passed them!!  Woohoo!  If they were moving at a crawl, I was going at a crawl plus 1, which is all that matters isn’t it?  And the view from the top, once my heart found its way back into my chest, was divine!

This weekend saw me attend a friends Bellydancing Gala in Red Deer, which was a hoot.  She is always the best dancer, and gets to wear lots of sparkly costumes.  Unfortunately there was some drama among the dancers, and I’m thinking they should have a bellydance off to decide who’s right, but somehow I don’t think they will like that suggestion!  I got to hang out with the kids, 5 and 3.  They are adorable, adorable times a million.  Sunday morning we watched the Food Channel (that’s right they love cooking shows) and chatted about “stuff”.  A political attack ad came on which attacked (hence the name eh?) the current Prime Minister.  I then explained “voting”, “Prime Minister” and “You don’t have to worry about it until you are 18” to a five year old.  This kid is really cool however, as he listens closely to what you are saying and seems to digest it.  Try explaining that just because the other guy says the PM is a bad guy, doesn’t necessarily mean he is, because its just the other guys opinion and he’s trying to win the election.  Whew.  We moved onto “You are a vegetarian and we’re omnivores” a much safer subject.

All for now, tons of stuff to show you this week however, I’ve been on a hat knitting kick with almost two done now in addition to the Brudha hat!  Then I believe I’ll become a mitten factory…


3 Responses to “Catching Up!”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Mine was good too in Radium. Would have liked to have stayed longer and got in touch, but I’m in Salt Lake now on my way home. Weather and trees are glorius, enjoy!

  2. margene said

    It’s nice to see you back in Blogland!

  3. We’re having a good time around here with my own five year old and the US election. It kind of solidifies your position a little to have to explain it in terms simple and direct enough for a little kid to understand. He was, for some reason known only to him, super excited to stay up late and watch the debate with us last Friday. Afterward, as he was heading up for bed, he said, “But, Mommy, I didn’t really understand what they were talking about.” No surprise there!

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