The End of the Pact

September 30, 2008

Is today.  Much anticipated, and a bit anticlimatic now that it is here, and as of tomorrow, or 12 am tonight I am allowed free rein once again in any yarn store my little heart desires.  I did very well with this pact, and since early spring have only bought yarn at the Olds Fibre Fest, and a limited amount at that.  But here is the thing, and perhaps the best thing of all.  I have no desire to rush out and buy anything.  I am still extremely focused on the projects I have going in house, and can’t wait to get to a few other things that I already have yarn for, that I don’t want to go and buy new stuff that will only sit around until I get to it.  And I think that that is very, very good.  That is not to say that I won’t be picking up anything in the near future, but it does mean that until I finish two sweaters that I have on the go now, I don’t want to jump into any new large projects. 

Oh, but when I finish these two projects I plan on doing an intense study of the Berroco alpaca yarns to make a cardigan from an old Vogue Knitting that will be perfect for the office, maybe in that new red colour they have out.  And then there are a few sweaters I’m dying to make from the new Debbie Bliss magazine…  But all in good time!!

Congratulations to out to Jocea well for the completion of a succesful pact!  I know it hasn’t been easy, but our pocketbooks thank us I’m sure!  Don’t go too crazy in NYC!


3 Responses to “The End of the Pact”

  1. Jewel said

    I was just thinking this week that I really don’t need to buy anymore yarn, that I have yarn for several sweaters and socks. But that didn’t stop me from buying yarn just today.

  2. Isn’t it great when you’re excited about your To Be Knit list?

  3. Jocelyn said

    I *know* I feel the exact same way about my yarn now. I just don’t need anymore.

    Unless it’s mohair. I don’t have any mohair.

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