Wednesday WIP and an FO

October 1, 2008

Good Wednesday to everyone, its a beautiful one here in Calgary, at least I think it is as I look out my office window.  I did get to run out just before noon to deliver some documents, and it was lovely.  However, if I hear another person say “Can I have a price today, my budget is due tomorrow” I may lose it.  Plan ahead people!!  You’ve known that budget was due a long time now didntcha? 

1) I’ve almost finished a hat made from some lovely handspun I got last week in Regina from my co-worker, can’t wait to do the last little bit and show you! 

2) My Blue Hoodie gets worked on every once in awhile, and the front is around 7 inches long now.  I have to leave it for a little while however if I’m going to get Forecast done for November 6 Retreat.  I plan on starting it soon! 

3) I have a travel sock on the needles, and cast on for the second one this week.  The Koigu looked lovely in the ball, but is not knitting up so nicely, all I can see is the yellow mustard colour unfortunately, and it is making the nice greens have a yellowish tinge.  Oh well, good thing it is just the basic sock recipe, and nothing fancy. 

FO: Noro Bling Hat!

The Noro Aurora yarn with its green shimmery plastic wrap worked throughout is lovely in my opinion, and when I saw it over a year ago I bought a ball immediately to make a little toque with.  I made it last year, but at too loose a gauge and waaay too big.  With fall here, I finally ripped it out and redid it with smaller needles and many less stitches.  It fits much better now, and I’m glad I saved the leftover yarn as I needed a bit extra.  And I love taking photos of myself where I look like an alien!

Jack and Piper got in on the game as well, and did their best alien impressions (I think Piper won that one paws down don’t you?)

All for now!!


5 Responses to “Wednesday WIP and an FO”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I was going to say Piper. But really, I think you win.

  2. A big HA on the alien you!! That Koigu would make gorgeous baby socks if you hate it as you-sized socks! 😉

  3. Anne said

    Cute hat – I love the colors!!

  4. Jewel said

    I like your sock but then I like the color mustard. Cute hat and cats!

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