My First Handspun Knit! Sniff!

October 2, 2008

Last weekend my co-worker who spins gifted me some lovely, lovely handspun:

She bought it a few years ago at a fair, it seems to contain natural brown wool, with purple dyed wool mixed in, and sparkly purple pieces as well.  Its got bling, but a good hearty natural sheep feel as well, I really liked it.  But what to do with yarn, especially the only about 80g?  (Spinners talk about grams, not yards or metres, knitters who don’t spin just nod like we know what they mean and try to estimate the yardage in our heads).  Originally I thought Koolhaus might work, but the yarn did not have enough structure for it, and was much thicker than what was used in that pattern.  I pulled out my trusty “Vogue Knitting book of Caps and Hats” and found the “tassled pull-on cap”.  I love tassels!  Plus the simple four rows of rib, four rows of garter stitch really brought out the beauty of the yarn, letting it take the center spotlight.

Plus it is going to match my parka to perfection!  So warm and snuggly, this pattern has excellent give, and a nice degree of thickness from the rib.  Originally I used 4 mm needles and ran out of yarn, then upped to 5 mm, had enough for an excellent tassel, and leftover to keep as a souvenir.  However it would be nice to make something once, and get it right the first time, instead of making everything twice!  But I learn from each redo, so there you go.  A joint Saskatchewan-Alberta project is complete!!  Bring it on winter, my noggin will be nice and cosy, and oh so sparkly!!


7 Responses to “My First Handspun Knit! Sniff!”

  1. Anne said

    Fun! Love the tassel.

    That’s an awfully cute vest you have on too.

  2. margene said

    And that lovely yarn didn’t entice you to spin?

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    Fingers crossed that you don’t need the hat too soon, although it’s very cute on you!

  4. Cheryl S. said

    Aaaack! Alien! You really need to train the cats to take photos. Or that boy toy.

    But cute hat, and I’m sure it’ll keep you nice and warm!

  5. Jewel said

    What a great hat and a very nice co-worker!

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