Ode to Single Socks!

October 7, 2008

The single sockers and the double sockers are two camps of the knitting world who don’t see eye to eye!  The single  sockers delight in being able to start new patterns every time they cast on, to always use a different colour, to experiment with something different.  They wear their mismatched socks with pride, and laughingly cast on for a new sock, in red, no green, no that multi-coloured pretty one I got at the fair last year!  Whilst the double sockers grudgingly cast on for sock number two, and sometimes go to great lengths to ensure that it matches sock number one EXACTLY!  They reassure themselves that now that they can knit the pattern in their sleep, it will go faster sock number two!  And when they are done, they can wear their matching socks with pride and sneer at all those single sockers with their mismatched socks looking so cool.  I introduce you to a new piece of artwork that will be hung in my knitting/office room made by my old friend Winger “Ode to Single Socks”!

At the top corner is my Pota sock, which inspired this piece of art.  It was begun last summer during a day at the park when I knitted and Winger drew.  Here he is admiring his model:

So where do I stand on this debate?  Well there are two clues here, the first is that I am an engineer and have a number of behavioral traits that are extremely stereotypical as a result.  (Must achieve goal, must finish project in timely manner, must be logical).  The second is that my feet get cold, and wearing one sock just doesn’t cut it no matter how many times you switch back and forth.  I am a second socker, who immediately casts on for the second one after finishing the first.  And as a further confession, I don’t start another pair of socks until I’m done the pair I’m working on.  So now you know!  And to those single sockers out there, and you know who you are, wear your single sock with pride and know that we admire your freewheeling, devil may care attitude!


6 Responses to “Ode to Single Socks!”

  1. Monica said

    That is awesome! And as for the pomatomus socks, I’m knitting sock #1 now.. and doesn’t that ktbl get old?! It’s like doing it wrong on purpose. LOL

  2. Anne said

    I gotta say I am in the sock-pair/2-sock camp. I like BOTH feet to be warm. Simultaneously.

  3. Cheryl S. said

    I might not always start the second sock immediately after the first, but at least I have no “singles”.

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    I’m a cast on for the next sock immediately type too. I also am pretty consistent in only having one project going at a time, unless I have gift knitting to accomplish. And then I must finish the gift so I can get back to the project I was originally working on. Maybe that’s why my queue is so long, I’m wishing I could start something new!

  5. Katherine said

    I am a total sock pair knitter, driven to cast on the second sock within minutes of finishing the first in order to not accidentally fall into the procrastination trap. I share your stereotypical traits in most aspects, I think.

  6. Katherine said

    Oh yeah, I didn’t comment on your moviversary post (been busy producing a large finished object). But I’m glad to hear you are so content with your new home, though you are still missed here.

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