A Different Type of Spinning…

October 14, 2008

Just a quick note before heading off to British Columbia!  My Mum was kind enough to make me a ballet wrap sweater to skate in, just like I had when I was a kid.  It turned out really well, made from cream Patons Classic Wool.  I wore it to skating this morning (6:30 am!!) and boy did I need it.  It had rained and snowed overnight apparantly, and was chilly/freezing.  Here I am modeling the new sweater, and my cute new little velvet skirt!

And then I took it for a spin:

Posture isn’t too bad on that spin!  Note my feet are nice and close together!  As for the hair do, it was really early!  Thanks Mum!  Oh, my new skating coach may want one as well! 


6 Responses to “A Different Type of Spinning…”

  1. margene said

    You have a wonderful mother and the top is well suited for spinning!

  2. Sunnyknitter said

    Nice new outfit! The memory of early morning skating has made me decide that working out this morning will happen after all. Enough sitting at the computer, time to get moving.

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Woo-hoo! You look so cute in your skating outfit!

  4. Mom said

    Looks pretty nice even if I do say so myself. Glad it fits.

  5. Jewel said

    That’s a great spin, wish I could do that! Very cute sweater, what a sweet Mom!

  6. How lucky are you! And look at you spinning. You’re fabulous!

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