A Gift from the One Further South…

October 21, 2008

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, going to the mailbox is a very rewarding experience, rather than one full of bills.  Sometimes, a friend from down south, who shares a pretty awesome name, sends you a lovely present that she made herself.  One that is beautiful and functional like these beautiful Tudor cowl and fingerless gloves:

They fit right into your routine, and get used almost daily.  Except for this morning when you were skating around, and your neck was really cold as you weren’t smart enough to even wear a turtleneck and you thought to your self “Should have brought the cowl to wear!”.  But then you landed an axle and so you were happy enough with your cold neck. 

And when your overheated boss turns on the air conditioning in D##M October, and you slip the gloves on to type a bit, and to make him feel guilty for turning on the air conditioning and freezing his employees, these items have become wardrobe essentials.  And they are so pretty!  Thanks Anne with an “e”!  (Or its not me!)

I must apologize for the bad hair here, but it was vacation, and I just didn’t feel like washing my hair that morning.  So there.  I also spent waay to much time wearing my lovely pajamas on the vacation, which also was unattractive, but extremely satisfying to me.  What was even more unattractive was that I was sitting in my pj’s reading “Practical Law for Engineers”, which thankfully I don’t have to read any more since I wrote my exam on Monday, and hopefully I passed.  Fingers crossed.  ‘Cause if I did, by next year I should be able to put some more letters after my name.  Does anyone want to know about Tort Law?  Come on, ask me!


3 Responses to “A Gift from the One Further South…”

  1. I’m sure you did great on the exam, and I will not be asking you about tort law!

  2. Anne said

    I love them with your coat! I’m honored you took them on vacation with you. 😀

  3. I took engineering law while working 1 full time job and 3 part time jobs…. I used to read it in the Tim Horton’s staff room and in the cab when I worked 2 jobs on opposite sides of the Saint John River on the same day…. and at the laundramat on my 2 days I didn’t work in a 2 month period…. Fun stuff… honest… I actually do remember some of it…

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