Wicked Witch of the West Socks

October 23, 2008

Some things start off with such promise, and then they just don’t fulfill?  Like that yummy looking cookie that oh so quickly becomes a tummy ache.  They started off as a pretty skein, and a lovely ball of yarn:

These were my mostly “green” skeins of Koigu, dutifully divvied up in the great Koigu Swap of ’08.  But as knitted socks, the colourway could only be described as slightly nauseating:

All the greens were next to mustardy yellows, making the greens into mustard as well.  And the purple and mustard combination makes me feel kind of icky.  With my extremely average sized feet I only had a tiny little bit of yarn left at the end of each sock.  Can you say “Cat Toys”. 

So when I’m feeling rather evil, wicked, and something that rhymes with “witch” (like on Monday when an older gentleman questioned my right to go on vacation, and why hadn’t I worked all last week, how dare I, or another younger gentleman getting extremely upset due to the fact that I had turned my phone off during my exam because if I didn’t I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN KICKED OUT!!)  I’ll wear my receipe socks, and induce nausea in others. 

Cute shoes huh?  They are from Clarks, and fit nicely over my weird big toes, which are distorted from growing up in skates.  I haven’t found another pair in this style that fit as nicely, others are too low cut.


6 Responses to “Wicked Witch of the West Socks”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    Love the shoes and fingers are crossed on exam results, although I’m sure unnecessarily.
    I have a similar pair of evil socks, see my Jaywalkers on Rav. Flashes of pure evil, I promise.

  2. margene said

    The socks are fabulous and even better with the cute shoes!

  3. Jewel said

    The socks aren’t to bad, you could always wear them with boots. I do love the shoes!

  4. Anne said

    I love Clarks! They are mucho comfortabl-o!

    I actually think the socks are quite festive. They aren’t subtle, tho, that’s for sure.

  5. melanie said

    Love those shoes! I don’t think the socks are evil though – I like the colour!

  6. With those shoes, the socks are fantastic!

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