Sweater Obsession…

October 27, 2008

Has begun as I’ve almost finished Forecast.  (Currently drying from a good wash, needing two seams sewn up and purple buttons put on).  But actually it started a bit earlier as I began to think about what to make next, because you know, I don’t have anything to make at home!!  Not sweaters anyhow.  Originally I had really wanted to make a cardigan suitable to wear in the office, with a wide variety of outfits, therefore in a neutral colour.  This sweater is an old one (Vogue Fall 1998), but still a lovely design in a classic and flattering shape:

I have made this sweater in the past as a gift for a friend, in a red.  After a bit of investigating I’ve discovered that Ultra Alpaca from Berrocco could fit the bill and give me the nice warm sweater I’m looking for without the bulk.  They also have a lovely fireside red colour that could work.  But then I saw this sweater in the Holiday Vogue Knits, and all bets were off!

I’m really, really, in love with this sweater, and am busy visualizing myself skating around the pond in it this winter.  It is also knit from Ultra Alpaca, and you can see that gorgeous red I was talking about.  I do think I will make it in a light grey however, as myself and white don’t get along very well.  It becomes splotchy white very quickly!  I’ve had to work very hard not to run out and buy this wool and start knitting for you see, I know exactly where to get it, and The Knitting Room is oh so close to my house!  Even the pom-poms are growing on me I’m so in love with this sweater!  I’d love to wait until the Christmas Holidays to buy and begin to make this sweater, but every day I don’t buy it is a victory in my mind. 

Another old classic that is going to fit the bill is this old one, again from the Fall 1998 Vogue Knitting:

I’ve always loved this sweater, which is made from Patons Classic Wool, which was on sale this week for $5.00 a ball.  I couldn’t resist and bought enough in similar colours to the photo, just a little bit lighter blue for the main colour.  This is going to be a great weekend/camping, wandering around the house with this thrown over my pj’s type sweater.  I may change out the stars across the front, as I’m seeing a different motif there, which should be interesting.  I probably won’t get to this until next year, but the savings were worth it I guess!  I am tempted to cast on right away however, can’t wait to wear that one!

In the meantime I’ve begun making some gifts, which are fun.  They just aren’t fair isle and lace sweaters with pom-poms.  Woe is me!



5 Responses to “Sweater Obsession…”

  1. Carla said

    make the pom pom sweater! just do it!

  2. Yes! But I also like the zipper one with the fair isle…

  3. Cheryl S. said

    I’ve had sweater obsession too. Just can’t get enough!

  4. Jewel said

    Wow! All three are so cute. But I have to agree with Carla the pom pom sweater is a must for you.

  5. Katherine said

    I also wish to knit sweaters. You are such a Vogue woman. I don’t usually see anything I want to knit in Vogue — you are a good guide for seeing it with new eyes. I would not wear the pom pom sweater (too bobble-like I guess), but I think you should. Because you are a skater, and who else could wear a be-pom-pommed sweater with apolomb? No one, I say.

    Also, I am restraining myself from buying sweater-quantities of Ultra Alpaca. Successfully thus far.

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