A Well Rounded Weekend!

November 3, 2008

On Friday night I put out my Hallowe’en decoration, which consisted of two candles and a black cat:

Jack does come in handy sometimes.  Both cats had a great time watching all the kids going by, and the kids (my neighbourhood has really young kids mostly) had fun watching them.  One little girl wouldn’t leave, but kept blowing him kisses, which went right to his head. 

Saturday was a beautiful day, and the tickets were right down behind the opposing teams area, which gave us a great view:

Running backs from behind:

LIne backers from behind, a bit more behind than the other guys (these guys were huge!):

And the two best names in football; Mr. Smart and Mr. Champion:

They really need to have a love child.  At this point, the new BF Mr. J. noticed I was taking a whole bunch of photos of football players from behind, when they were all lined up in front of our seats and I got this look:

So I took a photo of cheerleaders to throw him off the scent.  I tried to explain that my reading audience really, really, enjoys photos of men in tights, but I still got the same look.  Tee hee!

Best heckle of the day “Hey Smart, I make more money than you do!!”.  Its a well known fact that players in the CFL don’t get paid very much, so that was funny.  The BC Lions were good sports overall, and joined in some of the fun heckling, and ignored the ugly stuff.  I was very impressed at how fast the players accelerated down the field, and the fact that the Stampeders won was very good.  I was all about the fireworks and the lady who galloped by every time they scored a touchdown.  That was fun!


3 Responses to “A Well Rounded Weekend!”

  1. margene said

    Jack is very handsome. Thanks for the eye candy, too. 😉

  2. Jewel said

    Nice looking BF! And thanks for the great pictures, those are some big guys!
    Did any knitting get done during the game???

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Oooh! Eye Candy! And the BF, too! Yippee!

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