Fall Retreat 2008, Here We Come!

November 6, 2008

I wonder if anyone will be my friend?


Here I am decked out in all my famous designer gear, all at once!  And to my great surprise, instead of having late nights trying to get everything finished, I was done over a week early.  Wow, that never happens.  I’m normally late minute Annie.  Of course, as you can see from the above photo, I’m a giant dorky geek, so we’ll see how it goes.  As I am an engineer, I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life being around copious amounts of men, and learning to deal with them.  I’m fairly good at it, and have manged to scrape through okay, and learned much on the way.  (We’ll just consider Utah a giant exception, cause I don’t think that was really my fault, more of a cultural problem)  Let’s just say I have never, ever, worked at dealing with giant rooms of women.  I have never had to!  Normally I have bathrooms all to myself.  I’m sure I’ll have a full report on Monday, we’ll see how I do.  Yesterday we went on a pj purchasing expidition, and got some really cute ones.  I’m predicting adorability on Saturday night!  With cash bar!  I wonder if we can knit, keep our pj bottoms from falling down, and dance on the table at the same time? 

For my all day Friday class I’m taking “Making a True Haapsaluu Saal”.  Do you think its rude if I ask Nancy Bush to sign my books?  I’m just sad I won’t have the Estonianlace book yet, perhaps it will arrive next week.  On Saturday we take a morning class, and an afternoon class, sign-ups are by a type of “lottery” we’ll do tonight.  Obviously I have my favorites, but we’ll see which ones I get into (Nancy Bush, Stephanie Japel, Cookie A, crossing fingers).  I’m going to try and learn all I can but not to be too “intensely engineering” on the lovely teachers.  Its not like there is going to be an exam! 

I think I’ll ask my boss if I can take off early!!

(I also get to go to my nieces birthday party on Sunday, I’m predicting at least a five pound weight gain this weekend, I sure hope my tiny skirts still fit!)


7 Responses to “Fall Retreat 2008, Here We Come!”

  1. margene said

    You did alright at SnB! You’ll have a blast at the festival! Nancy will be very happy to sign your books. No need to ask me how I know. 😉

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Your boss will probably be happy to let you leave early if you’re dressed like that… 😉

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    Have a wonderful time and let us know all about it! Loving the bobbly sweater, BTW.

  4. Jennith said

    I love your outfit… the socks are the best part too. Hopefully, I’ll get some good knitting in this weekend. I could use another pair of warm socks and I’m more than halfway to the heel. Enjoy your slightly lighter walk this week.

  5. What Margene said! You rock! You are going to have so much fun!!! And you look like SuperKnitGrrl in all your knitwear. I hope your jammies have either sushi or gnomes on them.

  6. Anne said

    Have a great time (I’m sure you will)!

    I love your knitwear fashionista outfit. I hope you wear it all weekend long. 😀

  7. Jewel said

    Love the scarf what pattern is that? Hope you have a great time!

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