Make 1 Fall Retreat – Part 1!

November 10, 2008

The weekend can best be described as existing in a state of bliss, that no amount of negative energy from any person could disrupt.  I spent the whole weekend being very happy, and in full enjoyment mode, trying to get the most from each moment, from each experience.  And when I told myself that I would do this once, and not again due to the high cost, I now want to go again.  The weekend almost needed to be a week so that I could attend every class, instead of having to pick between so many. 

On Friday I attended the Nancy Bush Estonian Lace class.  We did the most delightful exercise, we made our own TRUE Estonian shawls, or Haapsaluu Saals.  (I most likely spelled that first word wrong many apologies to the people of Estonia).  In order to make our mini shawls we needed to learn most of the important techniques required for full sized shawls, and also learned so much about the history of Estonian lace knitting.  I have fond memories of knitting away, and listening to stories of the origin of these fine shawls. 


This is a shawl made in the old tradition with a Lily of the Valley Motif, and sewn on borders made in two pieces.  I was able to get it done in time for the Pajama Party, as it was the perfect size for Jemina to wear to the shindig.  And Nancy Bush was gracious enough to pose with Jemina and her shawl:


Jemina had a great time at the party, since she doesn’t get out much, but mostly hangs around in my bed waiting for me to hug her.  She was a big hit, and made many friends.  Most people immediately lift up Jemina’s jacket and look under it, to which I always say “No, she’s very modest, don’t look there!”.  It makes me giggle, what can I say?  Plus Jemina was rocking the True Saal!

I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but I did want to mention how adorable Joce and I were at the pajama party with our perfect mix of penguins and polar bears:


It feels very natural for me to knit with Jemina under my arm, as usually there is a cat there.  It made me feel very calm and “at home”.  Joce is enjoying the hot chocolate avec le whipping cream real, et le chocolate flakes.  Yummy.  I have a vague memory of us discussing the fact that polar bears live at the north pole, and penguins at the south pole, and perhaps way back when there was a great war and that is how they divvied things up.  We were both so tired at the time from all that learning! 

More tomorrow!


8 Responses to “Make 1 Fall Retreat – Part 1!”

  1. margene said

    It looks like you both had a wonderful time! You can learn so much from Nancy Bush and your little sample is lovely.

  2. Sunnyknitter said

    I’m so glad you had a good time. I was thinking about you this weekend and wondering what you were up to (and having pangs of jealousy!) Can’t wait to hear what else you got up to, that shawlette is lovely. Will Jemima part with it or has she claimed it for her own?

  3. Jocelyn said

    The picture of Nancy with the bear makes me a little verklempt. How darling!

    (not nearly as adorable as US, however!)

  4. Looks like you had a great time! 😉

  5. Jeanne said

    Sounds like a great time – very jealous of the class with Nancy Bush!

  6. Jewel said

    What fun! Jemina is such a cute bear and her shawl looks great. And the PJ’s what can I say but cute, very cute. Wish I had been there!!!!!

  7. Fun, fun, fun!

    I wish I’d taken that Estonian lace class with Nancy Bush when she had it at the Black Sheep last month!

    The pjs are stylish! Good choice!

  8. Cheryl S. said

    I love your little shawl sample! Like Heather, now I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t go to the class last month. But I was hoping to be one of the lucky winners of the lottery draw to get into her workshop next spring. I wanna try some o’ those nupps.

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