The time is almost here…

November 21, 2008

Let the winter fun begin!  The average temperature is going down, down, down, its snowed a few inches, and it is staying.  The ice isn’t melting, but forming thicker and thicker layers.  The ski resorts are getting deeper and deeper bases.  And I’m getting very, very excited, because soon, I can do this again:


Ice Skating!  Cross Country Skiing!  Snowshoeing!  Snow ball fights!  Tobogganing!  Woohoo! 

Of course the plunging temperatures are an unfortunate necessity for all this fun.  Yesterday it was -8 oC (17 oF) when I went off to the bus stop, and when the wind blows its like a knife finding every little gap in your clothing.  So far I’m wearing the level 2 parka (short one, not the long one, that will come with another 10 degree drop) and my thin Noro hat has been replaced with a thicker toque, level 3.  I will upgrade to level 2 when I need full ear coverage (I think my ears freeze easily due to frostbite as a child.  I remember skin peeling off, and I’m not kidding).  Level 1 is my felted toque with built in ear flaps and a string to pull them tight!  That is warm!  Of course in a few months I shall declare -8 oC to be “not that bad, pleasant in fact” when we get out of our first -30 oC cold snap.  But until then, brrrrr! 

I think I need to make a thermos holder so that I can bring my hot chocolate with me when I go skating outdoors! 

Have a great weekend everyone, get your skates sharpened, your skis waxed, and knit a warm pair of MITTENS!!!!


9 Responses to “The time is almost here…”

  1. Anne said

    It’s amazing how quickly the body adjusts to new cold temps, isn’t it? I remember in February in No. Vermont, we had a day where it was “only” -25 F, and we were outside in long-sleeved T-shirts because it felt so warm. You know….compared to -50 with wind.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Oh, brrr! Be sure to keep your ears warm.
    I’m totally loving the holly mittens in the new IK, but freaking out at the cost of the yarn kit.
    Maybe I’ll get some $$ for Christmas.

  3. margene said

    It’s still 50 in SLC! I don’t really want to brag and I wish we had some snow coming.

  4. Katherine said

    I swear that someone on a forum I’m on said that the WHO had recommended people keep their homes heated to at least 64 degrees F to keep healthy. I scoffed.

    However. Those temperatures make me pause when plotting my move to join you in Calgary. Sheesh.

    Maybe Montana is cold enough…

    Anyway, I am knitting mittens. I think mittens are my great knitting love, even at the ridiculous gauge I tend to do them in.

  5. Laurie said

    So cool to find someone who loves winter as much as I do. We’ve had 18 degrees in the early morning here this week. At last.

  6. Heather Joins The Round said

    I love that you rank your clothing levels.

    I did not know you needed more than one parka, though. Do you also have more than one pair of boots? I am assuming something on the order of Kamik thinsulate boots, and change in to cute shoes at the office?

  7. melanie said

    I pull out the industrial toque (with ear flaps) early on. I have sensitive ears.

    One of these years I am going to start Xcountry skiing. I grew up downhill skiing but have no desire to do it (too expensive, not a real workout personally). I like the idea of Xcountry because it seems more relaxing AND a better workout plus a better way to enjoy the outdoors during the winter (I hate lift lines).

  8. Jeanne said

    Brr…I guess I’ll stop complaining that its cold (its 35 degrees). I want to try Xcountry skiinng – it looks like it would be a lot of fun!

  9. Jewel said

    Sounds like fun, but not the cold part. I guess thats why we knit is to stay warm.

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