The truth about figure skating…

November 26, 2008

Is that I look better in my mind’s eye than I really do on ice!  Perhaps that is for the best.  On Sunday the whole family came out, well at least my parents, to the Olympic Oval for my skating, and it was a great day as we were the only people there.  Instead of 400.5 people skating around us and staring, women hockey players on the other rink, it was nice and quiet.  My Dad had me spin with my arms in the air just THERE which isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I got real dizzy with that, doing it over and over.  But he is the artist, and you don’t argue with whatever inspires the artist.  For most of the day I was doing really well on axles, and practicing my new techniques on sowcows (which I’m sure is spelled differently) and double toes.  As I’m mostly thinking about the entrances to jumps, I’m not landing them very well.  But its GETTING BETTER!  And as Mr. J. learned, no laughing allowed!  Its better!!!  And since we had all the cameras out, here is my rather stiff sit spin, that is also getting better, and well you should have seen the one before this one, and the one after.  Much better!

I’ve been working on the first real jump that you learn which is an axle.  Its 1.5 rotations, and is a bit more difficult than others to learn (or relearn in my case) as you take off on your left foot, and land with your right.  I do think that when I get through this learning phase, which should end, oh sometime before my 40th birthday I hope, my axle and other jumps will be better than they ever were as a kid.  The attempt at a video didn’t quite turn out as hoped (i.e. perfectly landed) but it is still highly amusing anyhoo!


4 Responses to “The truth about figure skating…”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    If you doubt the power of the mind, just see my blog post on what I was able to do about my neighbor’s sidewalk. 😉

  2. Anne said

    As long as you are having fun, tho – that’s the main important thing! If we could all be Kristi Yamaguchi, there’d be no need for the Olympics!

  3. Laurie said

    These are GREAT. Just that you are doing it is amazing.

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