A Chilly Day So Put a Toque on it!

December 2, 2008

Yesterday seemed to go from 10 oC at noon to -10 oC by 5 pm, and we got some snow.  I am happy as I hope to head out skiing soon!  I am feeling a bit chilled today however, as the skating rink at 6:30 am is not much warmer than say a freezing cold skating rink in the winter.  With ice.  Good thing my Mum made me a new hat!


Its the same toque she made me when I was a kid, and oldie but a goodieand probably a large factor in my love of bobbles.  The pattern is from a really old Aran knit book.  Its deep enough to go over my ears, and the Custom Woolen Mills yarn (leftover from EPS) keeps the noggin nice and warm.  It also softens up nicely when you wash it.  I had the same toque in a cream yarn last year, but it walked itself off to Toronto with a dear friend.  The tassel is perfect for spinning, which I tried out this morning before I warmed up enough to take it off. 

And yes, this is what I really do look like in my office, just without the toque.  However if they keep blowing air conditioning on my head, it may go back on.  I’m also wearing tights, and had extra wool socks over them to keep my feet warm on the way into work.  I wish I were making this up, but sadly I’m not, I am truly a dinosaur.


7 Responses to “A Chilly Day So Put a Toque on it!”

  1. margene said

    Air conditioning!!? You look cozy and that hat/toque looks very warm and cool.

  2. Anne said

    Yay mom! Moms are da best. She obviously knew just what you needed!

  3. Heather Joins The Round said

    You look really cute. Is that your lace ribbon scarf as well?

  4. Bea said

    Cute! Love the hat.

  5. Laurie said

    Harsh conditions require harsh measures.

  6. Cheryl S. said

    Great hat! It really brings out the color of your eyes.

  7. Turtle said

    could you tell my daughter that the knit stuff i give her is good? lol, i think she misses the point! That is such a good color on you!

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