Harvest Mittens in Lopi are Warm!

December 4, 2008


Here are Mum and I up in Banff, and I’m sporting a lovely pair of Harvest Mittens, from VK Fall 2008.  They are shown in yellow Malagbrio in the magazine, but I made mine with regular Icelandic Lopi that I’ve had for over 10 years since my good Swedish friend Sofmonster went back to Sweden.  The only modification I made to the pattern was at the top of the hand instead of knitting all the decreases I knit on the palm of the mitt, and purled on the backside to keep the integrity of the mitten.  Because without your integrity, who are you anyways?  I loved this pattern and have made, oh a few more since my first green pair.  The cuffs are nice and tight which keep out wind, and the back of the mitten, where you need more insulation is kept warmer by the bulk of the cables.  They passed the -15 oC (5 oF) test this morning! 

Today Canadians find out the future of their country, as decided by the Governor General.  Will we have a new Prime Minister?  Will they all instead get their Christmas break early?  Will stocks continue to fall, the dollar, the value of our homes?  Will we, our friends or family lose their jobs?  Up until last week, Canada was one of two countries that were weathering the global storm the best.  I do hope that continues, as only a well off country has money for environmental protection, regulation, and enforcement. 

I, personally, did get good news this week.  I passed my exam, and am a professional engineer.  Knittingunderwater, P.Eng.  It is an important step for myself, and my company as we can now call ourselves an engineering company.  I’m afraid I don’t quite feel like a Pro however, as it sounds so serious.  Do I now need to walk around with a slight frown, always considering the weight of my actions, wearing slacks and serious looking blouses?  Especially now that I’m allowed to express opinions rather than simple facts in court?  Do I need to tread stately through the office, sipping my coffee black, preparing to stamp drawings on drinking water equipment from which thousands will drink?  Because to tell you the truth, I often run in my stocking feet around the office, jumping for joy, practicing my axles, and trying to sneak up on my co-worker to see if he is sleeping.  Yesterday we snuck into my bosses office and turned up the thermostat when he wasn’t looking.  Certain friends and I IM favorite knitting patterns back and forth to each other when we have downtime.  I think this isn’t changing much; I’ll still tell stupid jokes, jump for joy, and get my co-workers to laugh when they are having a bad day.  I hope I can keep my sense of joy and wonder, while taking my responsibilities with my job extremely seriously as well.

And Ms. Gov-Gen?  Give the Queen a call before you make a decision, she knows a few things.


12 Responses to “Harvest Mittens in Lopi are Warm!”

  1. Anne said

    First off, BIG Congrats on your P.Eng. That’s fantastic!!

    Secondly, OMG – how cute is your mom?!?! You have her smile. 🙂

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Congratulations Ms. P.Eng!
    Sounds like some exciting times on the political front. Hope things turn out the way you want.

  3. Katherine said

    Yes, I’m afraid you’re going to have to give up all light-heartedness. Let’s see some brow furrowing and stamping going on.

  4. Heather Joins The Round said

    Congratulations, Professional Engineer! That is AWESOME!

  5. Jocelyn said

    Your is Mom are adorable!!

    Reverse engineer something. Go! 🙂

  6. Bea said

    Congrats on passing the exam! And I know from experience that passing the exam to be a professional engineer does not mean you have to do all that staid boring stuff. Or if it does I’m falling down on the job.

    Love the mittens!

  7. Turtle said

    congrats on your eng! Did you specialize? My daughter is attending college right now and leaning towards electrical (like her dad) but we’ll see if she switches it up. I think she’ll stay in the engineering field though.

    The mittens look nice and warm, and the news? We’ve been watching as well. We are quite close the border and hubby is always in canada for work.

  8. Auntie K said

    Congratulations, Ms. P.Eng(uin). Ha! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Now you can walk funny around the office as well.

  9. Jewel said

    What a cute mum you have! The mitten look very warm. Good job on your exam!!

  10. margene said

    Congrats! I’m a day late but it’s heart felt!

  11. Sunnyknitter said

    Congrats! You can now serious and official as you deem appropriate. I usually find silly more fun, but I suppose there is a time and place for everything, sigh. It must be a huge relief to have that over with.

  12. Sonia K. said

    I hope you are Anne! I just got the nicest package in the mail and the beautiful mittens inside are just like the wonderful ones in your picture above (and yummy soap) Thank you, thank you, thank you – just the pick me up I needed. Congrats on the P.Eng – having worked in Calgary a long (long) time I know that is a huge milestone you would have worked hard for. Thanks again!

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