The True North, Strong and Free

December 5, 2008



After much discussion last night, consulting, my parents narrowed down the field to five entries in the Bloganniversary Contest, and chose Blogless in NJ as the winner!  Yeah!!  I think Mum and Dad had a great time reading the entries, and I had a good time reading them as well.  Here is the winning entry:

My boyfriend was Canadian,
He lived somewhere up there.
He always wore a sweater,
Also long underwear.

He was a very rugged dude,
He loved to skate and ski.
He also played that curling game,
Which made no sense to me.

He was real smart, and read a lot.
He said it was too cold.
To go outside for days on end,
And so his mind he’d mold.

He said “eh” all the time,
Many Canadians do that,
And always wore upon his head,
A nice warm wooly hat.

I never see him any more,
It wasn’t meant to be,.
But I still often think of him.
As the Canadian identity.

Sometimes those outside see a country clearer than those inside can.  I have lived around the world, and I’ve come home to Canada.  I’m never leaving again.  I may travel, I may stay for extended periods in other places, but this will always be my home now.  Canada is a great country shaped by a huge, rugged, wide open landscape.  It is diverse, and Canadians prize its diversity.  It is a land of great problems; in a town in Northern Ontario one woman alone has lost 8 of her 12 children to suicide.  Native reserves filled with desolation, without clean drinking water and under boil water orders for more than 10 years.  Environmental damage, unchecked or controlled devlopment of natural resources.  But Canadians care, we pay more taxes so that others can have medical care, social support systems.  We believe in looking after those less fortunate.  We believe in the separation of church and state, I do not want my politicial leaders to use religious language unless they include us all; muslims, christian, hindu, atheists, jewish, etc.  and etc.  I do not want to have a beer with my Prime Minister, I don’t want to relate to them.  I want them to be smart, and lead my country to a better future for us all.  So that we can clean everyones drinking water, remove despair and hopelessness from peoples lives, and protect this great land of Canada.  So that my children, and your children, and your great grandchildren can get in a canoe, go for a paddle, and sit beside a lake with no other humans around for kilometres and kilometres, listen to the cry of a loon, and watch the stars and northern lights reflect in the water.


9 Responses to “The True North, Strong and Free”

  1. margene said

    Oh to be a Canadian. You’ve made me even more envious.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    That’s a beautiful wish list for your country. And I love the winning post, too.

  3. blogless in NJ said

    I am so excited to have been picked. Thanks so much!

  4. Turtle said

    Very nicely put! And adorable on the winners poem!

  5. Nicola said

    Great poem (and post)

  6. Bea said

    That’s a great poem. And a wonderful hope for the future.

  7. Sunnyknitter said

    Well said, and congrats to NJ!

  8. Heather Joins The Round said

    Ah, Anne, well said. And you’re working on the boil order problem, so that’s something you can be really proud of.

    Cary says congratulations on the PE, enjoy your stamp and wield it wisely!

  9. Jeanne said

    Great post – and poem!

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