Another Holiday Mystery Revealed

December 12, 2008

Just how do all the toys from China, Mexico and Wal-mart make it to the North Pole so that Sandy Claus can redistribute them to all the good little boys and girls?  Why The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train of course!


This really did look like a cargo train, but with this sign and lights on the side of it! 

In other interesting items (by interesting I mean in a really geeky “Water and wastewater stuff is cool!” way) a man in Washington State is doing a study on the water in Puget Sound, he is monitoring for levels of cinnamon and thyme.  The blurb is at  Here is the interesting thing: there is a distinct correlation in levels of cinnamon, thyme, and Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They also monitored for caffeine, but that was constant year round.  Obviously the spices are coming from the wastewater, and therefore from humans.  Wastewater is what we eat after all.  My Russian co-worker who is the wastewater expert has taught me some fun things about it, like populations who eat a lot of fish have wastewater that is high in phosphorus (which is bad for the environment and highly regulated which means our wastewater plants need to be designed to remove it with extra steps).  And something I like to remind people, we can treat our wastewater until it is clean enough to drink, but that requires a lot of equipment, expensive equipment, which means more taxes which people usually aren’t willing to pay until the need is critical.  My 2 cents.  And I do apologize if you were eating breakfast or lunch whilst reading this!  Sorry!

I have one last Christmas party to go this weekend, Mr. J’s, so I’m the trophy girlfriend.  I don’t expect them to have appletini’s through ice sculptures, so I think I’ll be okay!  Have a good weekend everyone, and if you are north, enjoy the snow!!


2 Responses to “Another Holiday Mystery Revealed”

  1. margene said

    I knew there was a reason to stay away from cinnamon. 😉

  2. Heather Joins The Round said

    That is so interesting! I am going to ask the FIL about that at Christmas, when we visit them.

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