Winter Survivial Guide – Knittingwater Style

December 18, 2008

Well guys, it looks like we have snow and cold (-20 oC) until at least Christmas!  The good news is that means a White Christmas, which is my favorite kind, the bad news is that I need to shovel my drive-way again.  And as I jauntily told a lady getting on the elevator yesterday “Only four more months to go!”.  I do so love being annoyingly chipper like that. 

Over the past winter and this one  I have developed a bit of a strategy to deal with this type of cold, and a few things upon which I depend immensely.  With these things in my toolbox, I can do four months standing on my head! (just preferably not upside down in a snowbank pls. thx.)

1) My parka, giant, purple and ugly as it is.  It adds about 30 pounds, but inside I’m toasty and warm, and the trusty hood pulls up to keep the wind off my face.  It has tight cuffs at the wrist, a windblock at the waist, and goes down to my knees.  Along with the parka are assorted warm toques, scarves, and mitts, as thick and warm as I can get ’em.

2) My adjustable thermostat that turns the furnace on 15 minutes before I have to haul my lazy butt out of my warm bed.  Without it there would be fewer episodes of me getting out of bed at all. 

3) My electric blanket.  The best $40 bucks I ever spent.  It warms up the bed, and on extremely cold nights it comes to stay with me on the couch.  Last year when the apartment I was renting had heating troubles, it really saved us. 

4) The fireplace!  Piper and I try and get as close as possible each night, she loves her basket that is right next to it.


5) Having a fuzzy, furry belly helps Jack out a lot.  He really doesn’t need much help surviving the winter, he’s fine, Piper is the one sitting directly on top of the furnace vents.  He does love to lay around on his back and grab his tail however, like he is trying to do below.  Sigh, such a boy. It helps having two furry kitties curl up behind your knees each night. 


6) My personal theory that staying warm when it is cold uses up more calories, and will help me lose weight.  ‘Cause it takes a lot to generate heat when its that cold out doesn’t it?  Which totally makes up for the stick to yer ribs type food I’ve been trying to eat lately, and the cookies, eggnog, and hot chocolate.  Totally makes up for it!

7) Embracing the cold, and getting out side.  The outdoor rinks must all be frozen now, and its about time I got out there.  Preferably with Kurt Browning!  I believe he filmed this at Emerald Lake, but I can’t be sure!  Wait up Kurt, I’m coming!!!  (Did anyone else watch the Kurt Browning Christmas Special last night?  I tried to find “Christmas for Cowboys, but no link yet, it was gooood!)

8) I think I look good when its cold outside!  I think we all look good!  We get rosy cheeks, and bright eyes.  At least that is the 5 minutes before the frost nip sets in…

9) The wonderful excuse why you have to stay inside and knit all day long; its too cold to do anything!


2 Responses to “Winter Survivial Guide – Knittingwater Style”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I love my electric blanket too. Usually I turn it on before getting ready to go to bed, and then turn it off when I get in – just so that it warms the sheets. But it’s nice to be able to leave it on when I’m really cold.

    I’m with you on #6.

  2. Laurie said

    I really like all your logics….look good with rosy cheeks, staying warm burns calories, embrace the outside cold….

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