Isn’t Christmas Next Week?

December 19, 2008

Oh, yeah it is!  Its kind of snuck up on me this year, it seemed like it was sooo far away.  I’m extremely excited as this year I get 1.5 weeks off.  That is 1.5 weeks without going to work.  This is the longest I’ve had off since before I graduated University.  That is a loong time ago!  And I’m not going anywhere!  Skiing, visiting, eating, entertaining, shopping and many other fun activities are planned.  However it also means that those few Christmas presents that I was thinking of making need to get started now or never!  I’m just thinking of doing a few things, an Inga hat for a friend, a Couvecle for my skating coach in this lovely Noro (the cotton in the pattern is much too cold for Calgary):


And perhaps some kids mitts for my niece and friends kids.  Those don’t take very long do they?  And perhaps a felted bowl…  Not all have to be done on Christmas, some friends are being visited the week after. 

Calgary is full of Christmas decorations, which we all get to admire when we do our noontime walkabouts.  Those of us who work downtown are benefiting from the network of covered “bridges” that connect most buildings in the downtown core, its called the +15 (or 15 feet up in the air).  I can go on a lovely walk from my office for 45 minutes and never have to worry about going outside!  So far this has been my favorite decoration:


It is in the Gulf Canada Building.  Oh the lovely Christmas musk oxen about to be slaughtered by the hungry wolf!  How festive!  I keep looking but I haven’t seen them drop any qivuit yet! 

With all the cold and snow I’ve been treated to some beautiful views out my office windows.  Today is sunny, but the last few days it never quite made it out:


That photo was taken at 11 am.  The cranes are dead, the construction site shut down due to the cold.  I get to to toboganning tomorrow with the nieces, I’m very excited about that as well!

Have a good, warm, and safe weekend everyone!


2 Responses to “Isn’t Christmas Next Week?”

  1. Heather Joins The Round said

    What could be better than musk oxen?

  2. Jewel said

    I can’t believe that this week is Christmas, I could really use one more week. We look as white as you right now. Have fun with your time off, I thinking I will take some off also.

    Merry Christmas!

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