I got Giardia, E.Coli, and Blue-Green Algae last night!

December 24, 2008

 And they are so cute!!  Giardia, otherwise known as beaver-fever in Canada, or hiker’s diarrhea, is currently regulated under the USEPA guidelines, but indirectly regulated in Canada.


And cute and fuzzy E.Coli!  (Made famous by Walkerton tragedy)  This is regulated in Canada, but indirectly in the US.  These little darlings will dissolve your intestines!


And one that is especially cute, but has some pretty toxic properties of its guts are split open is Blue-Green Algae!  I know a guy who has spent his whole career studying this fuzzy, adorable cyanobacteria!


And when they get together and get into your drinking water, you know you are in trouble!


I’m about to go online to get some lovely cryptosporidium (that which caused hundreds to sicken and many to die in Minneapolis) to complete my collection of regulated organisms in Canada and the US.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve said in a presentation, or written in manuals “A membrane is important in the removal of giardia, cryptosporidium, and E.Coli.”  And now in presentations I can whip these cuties out and show everyone!  It really is the height of a water process engineers geeky nerdom.  I must go now and e-mail these photos to everyone I know in the world of water.  Ha!

(P.S. I almost got my nieces herpes, just to piss off my brother, but I didn’t.  Check out www.giantmicrobes.com for the many other diseases they have, its a hoot)


9 Responses to “I got Giardia, E.Coli, and Blue-Green Algae last night!”

  1. Jocelyn said

    You’re such a water-treating nerd! hahaha These are adorable and hilarious!

  2. Cary said

    This is so awesome, thanks for sharing this with the world!

  3. Those are so cute (and SO NASTY if you get them)!

  4. Heather said

    Those are super cool! SUPER COOL!

  5. melanie said

    I got Bookworm (Anobium punctatum) last night! Seeing as the Mister is a scientist he loves giving those as gifts – we have given them to his brother (in Med school) and his bro’s girlfriend (PhD in microbiology) many times. 🙂

  6. Sunnyknitter said

    I so wish I had known about this when I was still at the hospital as an RT. I would have had to get at least the pneumonia!

  7. Katherine said

    I also love them. I’d like diatoms. The site is still loading for me (dialup). I hope they have a little variety of blue-greens.

  8. Cedric said

    E. Coli is just too cute.:)

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