Revelling In Winter

December 29, 2008

Now that it has warmed up enough for one to get outside without bits falling off:


Its been a lovely -10 oC lately, which is making all of us run around saying things such as “This isn’t so bad, I think I’ll go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air”.  And some of us went out to Canmore to go cross country skiing for the first time this year.  I would like to thank Mr. Stranger with the Canada jacket for getting into the photograph, he certainly adds a bit of patriotic fervor to it. 

And to further celebrate my first cross country ski of the year I’m currently sacked out on the couch in my pink reindeer fleece pj’s, hoping it doesn’t hurt too much when I wake up tomorrow.  I’m knitting furiously trying to reach my goal of 50% completion of my 2008 knitting list.  I’ve also made a chart for my yarn diet.  I like charts.  Its all ready for red checkmarks when I get stuff done, Yippee!

Jack and Piper survived the vet today, poor little guys.  Piper spent almost the whole time on the table with her face buried between my arm and body.  I guess she felt safer there.  She also fought hard, and apparantly will fight to the death to avoid having her toes clipped.  The next step would have been sedation, at which point I declared “I’ll buy a cheap couch”.  Poor little stubborn kitty.  Jack had his claws clipped but his little paws shook the whole time.  Don’t worry, they have completely recovered their normal panache like nothing every happened.  Just more cuddling today. 

Still hate food.


5 Responses to “Revelling In Winter”

  1. Jocelyn said

    My vet always thanks me for bringing Cammie in, because she doesn’t hide, seems to like the attention and even purrs so loud the vet can’t hear her heartbeat.

    Congrats on the first ski!

    And charts. *rolls eyes*

  2. Anne said

    Looks absolutely lovely. Yes, we decided 18 degrees F didn’t feel so bad after 6 plus a wind chill. It’s all in the perspective, isn’t it?

    Good luck on meeting your knitting goals! I’m sure you do it!

  3. Bea said

    The first cross country ski of the year looks like it happened on a gorgeous day. I hope you don’t wake up very sore!

    My cats (and dogs) love the vet. But the vet doesn’t do the scary nail clippings. That’s me. My cats wear caps on their claws (they tried to claw at each other when we first got them and then the dogs when they came) so I usually only have one or two to trim and re-cap every week or so. Maybe that makes it easier?

  4. Cheryl S. said

    I love the cold and snow. I love the cold and snow. I love the cold and snow.

    Hmmm. Doesn’t seem to be working.

  5. Monica said

    Yay for XC skiing! I love the photo – those TREES! Oh how I would love skiing there… *wistful sigh*

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