Ribbit Sez I!

January 6, 2009

Ribbit, ribbit, is what I’m sounding like today, I’ve got a good frog voice due to a bit of a cold.  Its not enough of a cold to keep me down however, I even went to the extremely cold rink this morning and skated.  I did need the donation of a heater by a co-worker who took pity on me with my hat, scarf, and winter coat on working away at my desk.  A combination of early morning chilled bones, cold, and frigid office? 

My very first FO of 2009 was my lovely Noro socks:


Once I decided that they went smashingly with my pink reindeer pajamas I wore them for the next four days straight, mostly with the reindeer (too cold to leave the house last Friday and Saturday).  My very first toe-up socks made with Kureyon by Noro, in a nice bright colourway.  The only problem was a jarring instead of gradual change of colour on the sock on my right foot, where it goes from red to blue abruptly.  There was no join there, probably just a shift change at the factory screwed up the colourway.  Once they were washed the yarn fulled up nicely and softened as well.  I may have to run some elastic around the top, but so far they are staying up nicely.  The thinner than normal sock yarn fits into tighter boots and shoes a bit nicer.  I loves them!  Next up is another pair of knee highs, as the winter continues for another couple of months!

To return to the Noro Couvercle I made for my skating coach, it was made in Col No.21.  When my coach tried it on she made the interesting comment that it was extremely light and didn’t hurt her neck at all.  She was recently in a car accident that resulted in possible vertebrae damage and even ribs out of alignment.  She is in constant pain, I’m not sure how she is up on her feet skating every day, except that she has to as it is her job.  Without her the whole club would just fall apart!  So that was some good feedback on the hat and yarn, for my quality control department.


5 Responses to “Ribbit Sez I!”

  1. Anne said

    That sounds like a great recommendation – your coach would know what’s comfortable!

    I have a pair of pink “Digger” pony PJs. Same bright pink, but they have action shots of the Digg-man running and bucking and sleeping all over them. They go nicely with a lot of knitwear, I’ve found. 😀

  2. margene said

    LOVES the socks! Noro sock yarn hasn’t drawn me in…until now!

  3. Jewel said

    What great looking socks and I love the PJ’s. Sorry about your cold, I hope you are well soon!

  4. blogless in NJ said

    Oooh – I love the socks and to be honest, I didn’t even notice the abrupt change. I never thought about the thinner yarn fitting better into shoes – that’s been my problem – I have these lovely socks I’ve knitted, but they are heavier than my store-bought socks and so make the shoes/boots feel tight. Yippee – I have an excuse to buy some.

    How many balls did you need for the knee-highs?

  5. Jeanne said

    Great socks – I love the colorway. Nice PJ’s too!

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