Last Night I Made Two Pairs of Socks.

January 13, 2009

Okay, that is a fib, what I actually did was haul out my old stock of Briggs and Little yarn, and discovered a finished pair of socks, and another pair that just needed a toe.  This is crazy, I must have made these socks back in 1996 or 1997 before I graduated from University. 


I had made a few sweaters from the Briggs and Little pattern book, and the one yarn store near the University was well supplied with the yarn, and it was cheap.  The sock on the right is made with leftovers from one of those sweaters long ago gifted to a friend.  I’m not sure why I made the mountains, or why the little bits of snow,or the sunrise either.  Or why I have huge lengths of yarn on the back end that I now have been cutting and sewing in.  This is long before I learned the 7 sts maximum rule, or that I could have stitched the snow in later.  Ah the folly of youth.  The socks on the left I believe were meant to have Maple Leafs embroidered on them, which I may still do, or I may put a cross country skier on them.  I’m ruminating on that right now. 

I do think these socks surfaced from the giant rubbermaid container of old yarn at the right time however.  These socks are extremely warm, and a bit scratchy which means I’ll probably wear another thin pair underneath them.  That puts their rating at -15 oC and below, definitely not above -5 oC.  That means they are Calgary socks, not Salt Lake City socks.  I test drove them Sunday night at the house, and they were lovely.  They are meant to fit just above your boots, with the cuffs sticking out. 

As I look back and wonder why I never finished the toe, or gifted the other pair to someone,  I think I probably was working on these just before I graduated.  When I left school I immediately moved over a few towns, started my job, and the traveling whirlwind.  For the next few years I was barely ever home, but constantly flying around here and there.  One year I was home for two weeks.  It really is no wonder they got tucked away, and I’ve done no more than glance at them quickly since then, never fully pulling them out of the bag.  (I found three sets of needles in there as well, score).  It also makes me happy now that I haven’t been on a plane since last fall, and that I had the time to open that bag and dump it out to take a look.  Oh, and I started those mittens for my friend, using the leftover red and cream yarn.


4 Responses to “Last Night I Made Two Pairs of Socks.”

  1. Jocelyn said

    so, what is the 7 stitches rule?

  2. melanie said

    Those socks are awesome and oh-so-Canadian looking! :0

  3. margene said

    That’s so cool! Knits of the past come into the present. It was meant to be.

  4. trek said

    How col for you! Or rather warm!

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