My #1 Reason Why Trying to Eat Healthy is Hard

January 15, 2009

Cookies in the Lunch room:


And they are so good, and so hard to resist come 3 pm.  Also in the cupboard are Chips Ahoy.  Drool.  I could resist the Orange Blossoms, even though I tried to pretend the Orange part made them healthy, like eating fruit.  Then they delivered the Maple Leaf cookies, and after all I’m a patriotic Canadian, it would be unpatriotic not to eat them eh?  Then they pulled out all the stops, shortbread with one side dipped in chocolate.  I’M NOT MADE OF IRON PEOPLE!  MY WILL IS WEAK AGAINST THE CHOCOLATE DIP.  Just for the record, I didn’t open the package, I think my boss did.  I already ate my orange, my lentil soup, and my cottage cheese.  I think two or three cookies won’t be too bad, now will they?  Off I go!


6 Responses to “My #1 Reason Why Trying to Eat Healthy is Hard”

  1. mmm those look good! 🙂

  2. Anne said

    Bet I’d like the maple ones, ex-Vermonter that I am. Although I am sure by now they are gone, you being patriotic and a Canadian and all. 🙂

  3. trek said

    After someone opens the box, the temptation increases exponentially!

  4. Debbie said

    What I want to know is: do the actually TEACH them in the factory to call your name from the cupboard? Or is that just something that they learn in shipping from one another?

  5. Jewel said

    I would go for it, they can’t be that bad for you! Its just two or three or maby even four!!!!

  6. Karen said

    I’d have trouble resisting the orange blossoms. They’re a favourite. My biggest weakness is chocolate, especially with orange flavour!

    I found your blog on a search for Bowness skating photos – cool how much you like to skate!

    I am learning to knit. I’ve knitted a few hats and mitts, and am having a ball with I look forward to following your blog 🙂

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