Stitch In Time- Knitting in Paint

January 16, 2009

I’m a very lucky daughter, as I’ve received special permission from an artist (D.O.D. – Dear Old Dad) to share one of his most recent paintings with you titled ” Stitch in Time”


On my parents recent visit my Dad found a photo of an older woman knitting, which may have been taken in Newfoundland, I can’t remember correctly.  With this as his inspiration he made this painting.  His thoughts are:

“I just thought as you are all together with knitting as a common bond it would be interesting to see what the reaction of your fellow knitters would be to the painting.Would they see the beauty in the topic of knitting as an expression of ones self and the beauty in the mind of ageing.   In my mind the sombre  tone, contentment, in the act of using ones hands is very expressive to the observers eye.  If you get a reaction such as what an old hag etc. then the observer does not get it and needs to look deeper into the painting and use the brain to think about the person and her task of creating something in spite of physical infirmities or age.  ”

At my first glance I see a woman who almost looks like a witch.  But then, like Dad said I looked deeper.  The expression is of intense concentration, and contentment.  She is wholly involved in what she is making, which seems to be a white wool sock.  Is she having trouble, is she knitting without really paying attention and thinking of something else, what to have for dinner, something that happened long ago, of the future? 

What do you think? 

Thanks D.O. D. for sharing!


11 Responses to “Stitch In Time- Knitting in Paint”

  1. What a gorgeous painting! At first glance she looked to me like one of the Fates, but upon closer inspection, I’m betting that look of concentration is because she’s trying to purl 2 together through the back loops. I know I always have to set my jaw when I do that!! 🙂

  2. Cheryl S. said

    I see contentment. Maybe pleasant thoughts of the person she’s making the socks for. Lovely! Your dad is such a fine artist.

  3. Jocelyn said

    I hope that’s me in 100 or so years. Bravo to DOD!

  4. Katherine said

    I think she’s thinking of nothing — a cleared mind and a face at contented rest.

  5. Mom said

    This painting to me, represents my Western European heritage, from My Mother. It was from my Mother that I learned to knit & crochet (although I never got to learn how to tat which she could do) and passed on to you. Love, Mom

  6. margene said

    Your DOD is very good!!

  7. Jeanne said

    She looks happy to me – maybe thinking of other things, or just happy in the moment of knitting.

  8. nicolaknits said

    She looks happy, enjoying her knitting. I love the patterns on her face – it looks like fabric.

  9. Jewel said

    I love it, at first I thought of my grandmother she lived to be 98 and those last 20 years I remember how she still loved to do hand work but it was very painful for her hands. You can see in your dads painting that her hands look so old and I can feel the pain she must have. I’m only 50 and I worry so much that my hand are already starting to hurt and how long I will be able to knit!
    Tell your Dad that it is wonderful!

  10. […] how the painting makes you feel, if you like it, if you don’t, what do you see in it.  The last time we did this my Dad really enjoyed hearing other peoples perspective, and he welcomes all feed back, even if […]

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