A New Day in the Land of the Free

January 20, 2009

And congratulations to all those of my friends in the great land to the south on your new President, here in the true north we are very glad for you.  Letting you in on a little secret, approximately 99% of us (with margin of error 1%) did not like your last President.  Now we are Canadian, and we are polite, and its not polite to say not nice things about people.  Therefore I’ve been thinking long and hard and here is my nice thing “Laura Bush was a very good first lady, and Mr. Bush was lucky to have married her”.  There. 

As a note of comparison, here is our Prime Minister (for another few days anyways, he may get laid off on the 25th, we don’t know yet) dealing with a tv celebrity, Marg the Princess Warrior.  (Marg is approximately 50ish, just so you know, and regularly confronts politicians in her Warrior outfit, its hilarious).
Marg, Princess Warrior Kisses Stephen Harper

And to the viewer who found my blog by searching “Do figure skaters have big butts”, I would just like to answer that its usually the cookies not the skating in my experience.


6 Responses to “A New Day in the Land of the Free”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Well, an awful lot of us in the U.S. sure didn’t like the last president either. My husband said that seeing Bush leave was just as satisfying as seeing Obama arrive.

  2. Sunnyknitter said

    Greg and I have already decided we’re breaking open the sparkling cider/prosecco tonight to celebrate. He’s got a lot of work ahead of him, but it’s got to be better than what the vacant cowboy has done. I just hope we don’t have to face Jeb Bush/Palin in the future.

  3. nicolaknits said

    Love your post of today – I am definitely one of the 99% that didn’t like you-know-who!
    Seeing our Prime Minister getting accosted by Marg was hilarious – thanks for the laugh.

  4. debbie said

    Marg is hilarious indeed! I watched a bit more of her on youtube — where the heck is she from? She sounds very oirish.

  5. Katherine said

    There may have been relieved weeping in my home this week. And in a lot of other homes, if I hear correctly.

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