Jack’s My Personal Trainer…

January 23, 2009

And is very involved in my training!  Whenever I get the bike out for a living room spin, he is right there, demanding that I pet him and ride at the same time.  Doing both must burn more calories, he has my best interest in mind of course.  When I start my sit-up’s he sits on my chest (I still have to keep patting him) in order to make it harder for me, and improve my work out.  When I do push-ups he walks under me so that I have to bury my nose in his fur, which must help my technique.  He is such a great help!

Have a good weekend everyone!  Bundle up!


4 Responses to “Jack’s My Personal Trainer…”

  1. Monica said

    I’m okay until my dog starts licking the back of my armpit during push-ups, then I start laughing and lose all strength. I can’t imagine doing it with a cat under me!

  2. trek said

    I think I’d lock Jack in the bathroom for the duration! ;o)

  3. What a wonderful pet….!! It definately sounds like his behaviour is all about you 😀

  4. Jewel said

    Thats like trying to rub your stomach and your head at the same time. Don’t you just love pets!

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