Peggy and the Clown

January 29, 2009

A few weeks ago I had an interesting discussion at Knit Night with Mrs. R. about our first knits.  We were both taught to knit as kids, and I found it interesting that we both just made stuff up and knit it.  No patterns, no guidance, just imagination and apparently good visualization skills.  I do believe the first thing I knit successfully was a brown pencil case (knit a rectangle, sew up two sides, sew a zipper in) which I may still have but I’m afraid to dig through the drawers in my desk.  I never made a scarf, contrary to current trends for new knitters, nor a dishcloth.  Somehow I then decided that my toys needed clothes, and I had some handy yarn around and made these:


On the left is the clown my Grandmother made me, which is a work of art.  He has a proper clown outfit upstairs still, and I do believe I never named him.  On the right is Peggy the flying horse, handmade by Santa Claus.  She is a bit dirty after all the years of attending skating competitions.  In examining their high fashion garments it looks like I didn’t know how to increase or decrease, these are variously sized rectangles wrapped around and sewn in place.  It looks like I tried to make a ruffle around the bottom of Peggy’s dress, but didn’t make it long enough which meant it started out really ruffly, then not so ruffly, then left a gap.  Note also the convenient “wing holes”.  Now that takes some skill!!

After reading another blog (I believe it was Annie Modesitt’s) I’ve decided to make Saturday a “Creative Day”.  No patterns, just making stuff up, hopefully some drawing.  It has been approximately 30 years since I’ve done this apparently, and back then every day was a “Creative Day”.  (Every day was scream when you were tired as well, which sometimes I wish we could still do)  There are so many good patterns out there I want to make which leaves me little time for my own inspiration.  I have no illusions that I will ever become a designer myself, but I think being creative is good for you, and unfortunately us engineers tend to lose sight of that sometimes.  (I do know some very talented, creative, and artistic engineers however).  Sometimes the sum total of my creativity is figuring out a new way to save money on a project.  Sigh.


6 Responses to “Peggy and the Clown”

  1. Jen said

    “handmade by Santa Clause”

    *Jealous* The elves were the only ones who made my toys– you must have been really, REALLY good! 🙂

  2. margene said

    Engineers make very good knitters…or maybe knitters make very good engineers. Maybe this is the chicken and the egg question?

  3. Katherine said

    Ha ha ha! My son got Tinkertoys for Christmas and ya know, they just don’t make them like they used to. He has been speculating aloud lately that maybe the elves got distracted while working on them or maybe they were just too busy at the last minute and that’s why they keep breaking.

    I think creativity is not only good for you (the generic you), but VERY good for you. It’s surprising sometimes how much time can go by without exercising it.

  4. Jewel said

    What a talent for just a little girl!

  5. I think saving money on a project is a very adult way to be creative.

    Nice wing holes.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with! It sounds like a blast!

  6. Pat said

    So where is this Knitnight you speak about, and who is this Mrs. R? I’ve been around this community for a very long time, and don’t think I’ve run across either of these. Sheltered life, you think?

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