February 2, 2009

Perhaps, perhaps not.  On my Saturday “Creative Day” I also managed to vacuum the house, ride my bike, and go grocery shopping, which means it was not a fully Creative Day.  Its hard to do!  My need to “get stuff done” overrode the creative side.  I think the next time I try this I need to be more prepared (start with a clean house!) and dedicated.  Creativity takes practice! 

I did however accomplish one goal, which was to work on a scarf design utilizing my Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit Angora (heavenly!).  I wouldn’t call the design overly creative, or a design really as all I did was take a previously invented stitch pattern (blueberry stitch from back of Estonian Lace Knitting by Nancy Bush) and incorporate some shaping.  But it was fun!  This yarn has such a big halo, and is so soft and warm, plus I don’t have much of it (its expensive), that I had decided awhile back that a simple lace design would be perfect for maximizing this yarn.  I tried a trinity stitch on a few rows, but the blueberry stitch which is a modification (or vice versa) of the trinity seemed a bit nicer. 


I got a chance to use the shaping learned from the Juno scarf pattern, and tips from the workshop with Nancy Bush herself last year.  The stitch pattern is repeats of four (my favorite number) and I’m making the scarf 36 stitches wide (my age as of next month!).  As always I enjoy incorporating special numbers into projects.  In the photo above I’ve only just gotten to the first full 36 st repeat row, and intend to knit straight from here on in, with a point on the other side of the scarf, which will occur when I think I will run out of yarn soon.  I’m also picturing two small pom-pom’s attached to the point on either side, but that is still up in the air.  Also planned when I can get my little hands on some more Peter Rabbit is a matching Floppy Toque from the Holiday VK. 

It was also a pom-pom aliscious weekend all around:


The new sweater is awaiting its photoshoot!  Avec les pom-poms bien sur!


4 Responses to “Creativity?”

  1. Anne said

    At least you had a mostly creative day! Ya gotta start somewhere. 🙂

  2. Yea, you finished the sweater! I can’t wait to see it!

    The scarf looks good!

  3. Monica said

    Your scarf looks beautiful. I want to pet it. 🙂

  4. Cheryl S. said

    I can’t wait to see your new sweater! The pom-poms look perfect. And that new scarf looks totally luscious.

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