The Differences Between Us.

February 3, 2009

 In honour of President Obama making his first visit to Canada (which I think is next week), I’m going to delve into a few differences between our great nations in order to help him overcome the cultural barrier he is sure to face.  Did anyone catch last weeks Stephen Colbert commenting on President Obama’s first interview with a newscast, an Arabic newscast?  It was hilarious, and the John Stewart from that day, Tuesday I believe, is also delightful. 

Now on Mr. Bush, jr’s visit to Canada when he was running for the Republican nomination one of the illustrious Canadian comedian “reporters” got him to say that our Prime Minister’s name was “Jean Poutine”, not Jean Chretien.  For those of you that don’t know, poutine is a french-canadian mess of fries, gravy, and this weird cheese curd stuff.  It is delicious, but since I have a desire to live past 50, I don’t eat it.  The video can be viewed here:video.  It starts around 2:30.  That was then however, this is now, and I don’t think Rick Mercer is going to get anywhere close to President Obama, however he may get a glimpse of a security person.  I also don’t believe that Marg the Warrior Princess has a chance.  (And if anyone cries foul about that video being unfairly biased don’t worry, there are plenty videos of Canadians making a fool of themselves as well, and one of a guy who almost because the leader of a major political party, and was once the premiere of Ontario skinny dipping.  Just saying.)

Now my following observation is based fully on generalities, and the people I’ve run into, and is in no way a scientific conclusion with any statistics involved. 

Canadian’s love to have hats with pom-poms, Americans do not like pom-poms.  Canadians also love tassels on their hats. 

I base this solely on the fact of people in the land of the free making faces that look funny when I ask if I should put a pom-pom on this toque (after explaining what a toque is). 

And the fact that when I make a hat up here, Canadians, more than one, have said unsolicitied “are you going to put a pom-pom on that.  How about a tassel.  Make it a big pom-pom”. 

Also, someone please tell President Obama that the beaver is a proud and noble animal, and not to laugh at it.  Seriously, don’t laugh, the Beaver built our country eh?



6 Responses to “The Differences Between Us.”

  1. You may be right about the pom-poms…And millions of my fellow Oregonians agree with you about the beaver as well. It is, after all, the Beaver State. There is even a beaver on the state flag.

  2. Katherine said

    Wow. They actually encouraged you to “make it a big pom pom?”

    You know, a couple of weeks ago on a radio quiz show there was a question about the difference between a pompoM and a pompoN. Sadly, neither definition in the answer had anything to do with the true, garment-decorating pompom.

    I’m thinking that must have been a very US show, yes? Would Canadians stand for that?

  3. Bea said

    Yes we have a girl at work (American though) who says things like you should put a pom pom on that. I think that would look great with a large pom pom. Etc… “that” should be thought of as hats, scarves, coats with big collars…

    I have a pompom hanging on my desk calendar. Its the first one and only one Chris has ever made and frankly, not to be mean to him, it shouldn’t grace a hat or scarf or anything because its so dangerously lopsided. Love it anyway but still dangerous.

  4. Jewel said

    I like pom poms but maybe its because I’m old. But I have always wanted to live in Canada so maybe thats why!!!

  5. debbie said

    Pom poms. heh heh

  6. Auntie K said

    Happily, animal ears on hats have made a comeback. I love those! We were all little animal babies way back when! 😉

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