Ice Castles and Frozen Waterfalls

February 9, 2009

What better way to spend a day than to skate around an ice castle on Lake Louise, then take a little walk (mind the horse drawn sleigh) to a frozen waterfall in the most beautiful glacier blue colour you’ve ever seen:



The ice castle seemed downsized from last year (must be the recession affecting everything), however this year I did catch the ice sculptures.  The trick is to get to the lake before 10 am to beat the crowds.  I have more photos up on Flickr, where I”m “knittingunderwater”.  I borrowed a tripod, and just had to take a spin:








 I also made a new hat with the yarn leftover from my buttonhole scarf (therefore doesn’t count in yarn diet), its the bobbled tam from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008, in the magazine in a lovely shade of mustard/puke yellow.  Aside from the colour, the pattern is lovely (mistake on row 7, but you’ll figure it out quick), contains bobbles which are close to being my favorite thing to make in the world, and a delightful pattern overall.  I may make more:










This hat covers my ears, but due to the lace I’m only going to rate it for -10 oC, maybe -15oC with the hood pulled up.  Baby alpaca is da bomb however for softness, and I still love the colour.


5 Responses to “Ice Castles and Frozen Waterfalls”

  1. Jewel said

    How beautiful, I’ve been to Lake Louise but it was in the summer.

    Love the hat!

  2. Anne said

    What a totally gorgeous area!

    Cute hat too, but yeah… a little perforated if it got much colder.

  3. Monica said

    I covet your beautiful hat! I think that one is going in my queue.

  4. Katherine said

    Stop it. Just stop it. Are you trying to convert the whole world to bobble-love?

    Also, that’s pretty warm for a hat with holes in it. Not bad.

  5. margene said

    Would you rate it for anything below zero? My that’s one warm hat, if so. It looks fabu on you, too.

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