Tour de Saskatchewan – The Beginning

February 11, 2009

Somehow I’ve found myself on a Tour de Saskatchewan for the next week, hopefully not longer.  Most of the trip is work, some is visiting friends, but it is definitely all over Saskatchewan.  Yesterday I rented a car, and headed east to Gravelbourg, Sk.  And so begins my travels through unlikely places in small town, rural Saskatchewan.

Now I’ve done this type of trip before through Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado etc. etc. etc. all in pre-blogging days.  Each small town you land in, normally because they need a new water system, has an interesting side, that is if you look for it.  Its easy to dismiss these places as small town, hick places, with nothing to do.  Normally the food is bad (especially for my fussy stomach) and the motels worse.  So here I am in Gravelbourg, a bastion of french speaking culture in Saskatchewan.  Founded by Father Gravel way back when as an outpost of French Roman Catholicness.  Filled with huge churches (eglises):


It reminds me of Roman Catholic churches in Mexico with the double spire.  But there is also something you can see in every town in Saskatchewan, the ever present grain silo:


I am currently staying in a bed and breakfast, which I chose over the two motels in town.  One of the motels didn’t seem that bad, but the other’s one featured photo on their webpage consisted of an old office chair up against a poorly painted wall on a run down rug, and if that is the best they can do, well then.  But here is the good part: the B&B is an old monastery.  Of the order of the Precious Blood.  How cool is that huh?


I haven’t seen any blood yet, but I”ll keep looking, I just hope I don’t get it on my knitting.  The monastery is very quiet, and I believe I’m one of three guests.  I was just scolded as I only ate one egg for breakfast this morning, and she had made me two.  I thought I was leaving some for others.  I believe what I’m staying in is a cell, as its about five feet wide:


Now I’m waiting to see what type of dreams I’ll have here.  I’m a big believer that your dreams can be influenced by where you are, and what happened there.  There is a hotel in Kansas that I kept having to go back to that I swear to this day someone was murdered in that room.  They always gave me the same room as it was the only non-smoking one, and every night I would have horrible nightmares.  Believe me you, this is one of many reasons why I don’t like Kansas.  Last night I had a very vivid dream that I was teaching young engineers how to commission and run water plants.  Who knows?


7 Responses to “Tour de Saskatchewan – The Beginning”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    I may be applying for a job in a small town that I wasn’t much interested in. Now I shall be looking at it in a whole new light! Thanks for sharing, all though if you have nightmares I hope you don’t share those…

  2. Jeneane said

    Wow – that is a small room. What a trooper.

  3. Sandi (evilknittingtwin) said

    Maybe you will come accross some great knitting shops on your travels…… never know what you will find!

    Sweet dreams……

  4. Anne said

    Interesting conversion/use of the monastery. Did they make bread or wine there?

    I like your thoughts about dreams. That explains a lot for me.

  5. I LOVE Tour de SK! Bring it on!

  6. Susanne said

    oh please don’t call that a grain silo, it is an ELEVATOR!!! Especially here in the prairies don’t refer to it as a silo. There is no silage in it and there won’t be!!! That is for those eastern farmers…fyi…

  7. I read somewhere that squareness is a feature of Canadian grain elevators, whereas in the US they’re round. You could check it out, you know, in case you get confused and think you might be in Nebraska, what shape is the grain elevator?

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