Home Again, Home Again

February 20, 2009

Its so nice to be home again!  I don’t believe I have ever been as homesick as I have been in the last two days.  Are my twelve years of wandering finally over?  Am I now rooted in place, and actually have a home to be sick over?  I’m still not committing fully, as my nomad soul is a bit rebellious, but all signs point to go.  Getting home early enough to have a lovely bath, put on pink reindeer fleece pj’s and then pat kitties for the rest of the night sure does a person good.  I do believe Piper was never more than 2 feet away from me (and usually attached in some way) almost the whole time I was home.  It sure is a nice change from a lonely hotel room!

There is a lot to learn in ruralSaskatchewan if you pay attention.  The biggest difference is the people.  In rural areas people slow down, stop and check if you are okay when you are pulled over at the side of the road (even if you are just talking onyour cell phone).  People help each other out, and ask if you need anything.  People talk to you in the morning (unfortunately before I’m ready to, I usually can’t do small chat before 10 am) and ask how you are and mean it.  They are neighbourly, and friendly, and nice.  There is community, and people waving at you from their trucks.  I wave back.  I’m reminded that there are people in the world you can trust, that aren’t trying to get things from you, that are just nice.  I’m reminded that I should open up, and be friendly, and nice, and smile, and chat about the weather more often with a stranger.  Maybe I can help them out, and maybe they can help me. 



3 Responses to “Home Again, Home Again”

  1. Anne said

    Yep – that is definitely one of the nice things about rural life. I see it here more in NM, especially once you head north to the Colorado border. I think it’s one of the perks of life not in a large town.

    Glad you are home safely! Have a great weekend.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    It’s nice to be someplace where you can actually make eye contact with the people you pass on the sidewalk, and even say “Good morning” to them.

  3. That’s so sweet that people stopped to help you when you were making a phone call!

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