FO: Herringbone Mittens

February 24, 2009

These were made to replace the giantico hat made over Christmas for my friend GIGI.  I think the Canadian living in Salt Lake will like the colour combination:


The cuffs are too big for my taste, unless you get your parka sleeve right in there.  No way they will keep out our cold Calgarian winds.  I felted the mittens down a bit to bring them in, and improve the cold rating, which I would put at -10 oC, if there is a parka jammed in there however.  If I make these again, which seems likely I will include the eyelet round and make the cord to go through it (with pom-poms!).  Its a great way to use up leftover Briggs and Little or Custom Woolen Mills yarn from various colourwork sweaters which I have copious amounts of.  I found knitting these frustrating at first, until an incredibly smart and talented friend pointed out that the pattern consisted of two stitches of the same colour stacked on top of each other.  Duh!  Once that light went off they went much more quickly.  I hope she likes them, cause I burned my hands felting them!  I won’t tell her that, I will pretend they were effortless!

We’ve had another blast of winter today with snow, cold, and slippery roads.  I’m joining all those other bloggers sick of winter and hoping for spring already!!  On a good note, I may not be going to Saskatchewan tomorrow, but next week instead!  Woohoo!  If I think its cold here, its always colder in Saskatchewan!


4 Responses to “FO: Herringbone Mittens”

  1. Jewel said

    I just ordered some Briggs and Little Tuffy yarn from Canada. I’m making some hiking socks for hubby and I. I’m one of those that is looking forward to spring. Its been nice weather here but I here the cold rain is coming tomorrow.

  2. margene said

    They look fabulous. You can always wear wrist warmers or mitts under them.

  3. Anne said

    Fun, cheery mittens – I’ll bet your friend loves them.

    I think, BTW, you have the title now for your great Canadian novel: It’s Always Colder in Saskatchewan.

  4. What Margene said. You could even make little checkerboard fingerless gloves to contrast, then switch to stockingette at the arms: indoor-outdoor mitt-mitten set.

    They are awesome.

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