My Nose Almost Fell Off, But it Didn’t

February 26, 2009

As a result of our balmy -22 oC (-7.6 oF) morning, plus wind.  I was worried about my cheeks and nose freezing as I hurried to the office after picking up my Timmy’s coffee, hood up, scarf pulled up over everything I could pull it over.  The furnace came on in my house at 4 am this morning, which I know for a fact as the cats take that as a sign that its time to get up.  And why wouldn’t they, normally the furnace turns on at 5:15 am as its programmed to warm the house up ten minutes before my alarm goes off.  Its dark, they can’t tell time, they are just kitties.  Therefore at 4 am they started their entire repertoire of tricks to get me up to pat them, play with them, turn the tap on, and go downstairs to fill their water bowl as THEY ARE STARVING!.  This was also how I knew that it was cold outside, if the furnace was turning on early to maintain its setpoint of 15 oC in the house.

But what a good day to test drive my new toque, the Floppy Toque that is from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008.  I made it from the Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit, but with 3.5 mm needles instead of 4.5 mm, and with one strand instead of two.  I upped the stitch count around 30% to accommodate this change.  I was able to have a decent sized ball leftover when I was finished (currently being transformed into pom-pom’s for the matching scarf).


It is soft as a, well an angora rabbit which is pretty darn soft.  I can pull it down to cover my whole ear, and most of my forehead and eyebrow.  If I didn’t have to see where I was going it would have been down further let me tell you.  The double layer around the brim even kept out most of the wind, giving this toque a -22 oC rating.  I had to pull up the hood of big parka mostly for my cheeks and nose.  I even feel a bit fashionable with my new slouch look, as if I’m not fashionable enough in my giant parka! 

Warm-up is coming tomorrow, can’t wait to thaw out a bit!


4 Responses to “My Nose Almost Fell Off, But it Didn’t”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Ah, it looks so soft and yummy!

  2. Billy said

    I have absolutely no clue of what it is to have -22ºC. I mean, no idea. I´ve never been in such a cold environment in my whole life, rather the opposite!

    Your toque looks fluffy and yummy!

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    If I had that hat I think I’d spend all day petting it and admiring it!

  4. Holy cats that is COLD.

    We’re having a warm period. This morning it was 60F in the house when I got up, which means the furnace didn’t come on all night (we do 57F).

    For style, nothing beats the big giant parka as frostbite is unattractive!

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