The End of February is Nigh…

February 27, 2009

And on Sunday my favorite month commences.  I already feel warmer and springier.  As soon as more snow melts, and the temperature stays warmer I can start riding my bike to work again as the daylight has come back.  I also cast on for a new sweater/tank, a lovely number from the Debbie Bliss Fall 2008 magazine, the Premiere Issue.  That always makes me happy, to start something new!

This weekend should be a lot of fun as well.  Saturday is going to be packed full of charging my car battery, lazing around the house until the car battery is charged, and then heading out to Canadian Tire to buy a trickle battery charger.  This time of year seems to be hard on my poor little car battery (only 1.5 years old!) but the warmer weather should help that out.  As much as I love spending thousands and thousands of dollars on car repairs, I do hope nothing else is wrong with the car for at least six months.  I am going to make a sacrifice to the car gods on Saturday, maybe some oil. 

On Saturday evening things take another turn towards happy as we are going to the Joni Mitchell Ballet “Pipe and Drum“.  It is a ballet to her songs, and I can’t wait to see it.  Ballet is one of my favorite art forms, and is sublimely beautiful in my opinion.  Take a look at the photo in the article I attached, at the male dancer at the front.  The perfect shape of his right hand, the position of his head, every muscle is engaged and active and ALIVE. 

And of course Monday.  Monday I get to drive back to Saskatchewan for some more fun.  Lots of fun.  So much fun I think I’ll do the Saskatchewan fun dance, just for fun.  I do get to use power tools, and cut a plastic tank open, and install bits and bobs in it, which I am looking forward to.  I also get to rebuild some pipe, that is fun also.  Expect a fascinating post about how to glue PVC pipe, now you are on the edge of your seat aren’t you?  Its a different  place over there, you drive along and you never just know what you are going to see:


Sometimes you just have to pull over and take a photo, as no one will believe you otherwise.  Have a good weekend everyone!


5 Responses to “The End of February is Nigh…”

  1. Jewel said

    Ok I want to see you do that dance! We always seem to have car problems every December, I don’t know why but we do.

  2. margene said

    I’m rather fond of March, too. The picture of cars on hay stacks would be worth the drive to Saskatchewan…just sayin’.

  3. Billy said

    Wow, you´re right, all those muscles involved into such a gracious pose.

    And the photo? How did that happen? It made me laugh trying to understand how it happened…

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    Driving to Saskatchewan on your birthday?! Doesn’t seem right. Be careful and hope you still manage to have fun and many happy returns!

  5. Teri said

    Yikes – that’s some photo and not entirely unexpected for my homeland (ok, my parent’s homeland, but I spent enough time there).
    Happy Birthday!

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