Wednesday Working with Power Tools!

March 4, 2009

But no power tools were involved with knitting.  Once again I’ve taken advantage of driving to Saskatchewan (instead of flying) in order to bring a wide assortment of knitting projects.  I also had the brilliant idea of bring my bike and trainer.  The top projects I’m working on currently are:

1) Debbie Bliss tank, recently cast on, made with Cashmerino Aran in a lovely powder blue, from the Fall 2008 Debbie Bliss magazine.


I”m adding a bit of waist shaping, and making it longer.  Either I’m very tall, or the 10 inches to the underarm is a very short distance, which would cause my belly to hang out.  So far so good on this one.  The yarn is strange, it blocked out big, then shrunk up again when it was dry.  I thought my swatch was too big, then it was okay.  Let’s just hope it wasn’t teasing me. 

2) Western Canada Oddball Charity Blanket!  This charity is a recent one I joined, and a new chapter of the Canadian oddball blanket charity.  Each person adds six inches of blanket in acrylic, which when done is donated to the NICU here in Calgary.  If anyone is interested, check out the group on Ravelry!  The blanket I got to work on is called Starbright, Starlight, and is meant for a little boy.  The first stripe is made in open star stitch, the second in a basket stitch.  I found a closed star stitch to use on the third stripe. 


And what about those power tools.  Let’s just say there is a plastic tank with no head in Saskatchewan today!  Today I cut, sawed, drilled, and screwed around.  My hands hurt like crazy from all the vibration.  And to my dear motel neighbours that were up late last night making all those noise, I sure hope I didn’t bother you when I got up at 6 am this morning.  Oops. 



7 Responses to “Wednesday Working with Power Tools!”

  1. Anne said

    Heh – I spent the night in a nowhere Idaho motel next door to a group of hunters 2 fall seasons ago, who were up very late with a lot of beer.

    I “accidentally” slammed my door several times, dropped my suitcase, and some metal cans, stomped up and down putting my boots on, let the dogs careen into their door, before I finally pulled out of the parking lot at 5:15, and honked. I waved to the bleary-eyed dude standing at the door scratching himself and smiled big. 😀

  2. Weird about the yarn blocking big and shrinking down, but you look great in fitted things, so I’m sure the FO will look fantastic.

    Way to rock the reciprocating saw!

  3. margene said

    You know how to show the knits who’s boss and to use power tools. That makes you awesome!

  4. Cheryl S. said

    I think it’s the microfiber in the yarn that makes it spring back like that. Ten inches? That’s really short.

  5. Katherine said

    Wait, who took that picture? Do you have a blog staff that follows you around to document your life? That vest looks really nice and springy. I, myself, am likely to never do a heavily cabled large item again. I bow to your apparent swiftness at cabling, or patience. Whichever it is.

  6. Jewel said

    I’m loving those cables!

    Happy belated Birthday!

  7. trek said

    Power tools are VERY cool!

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