170+ Miles = Our Butts Hurt!

March 16, 2009

Three days, over fifty miles each day, and I’m so happy we did it!!   Saturday’s ride was nice and flat along the Colorado River, Sunday’s ride was a huge climb up to Dead Horse Point, and today’s ride was nice and rolling (if by big climbs and fast descents I mean rolling) along the Arches Park Road.  Well organized, beautiful, incredible weather, The Skinny Tire Festival was immensely enjoyable.  Its been warm, sunny, just perfect.


Tomorrow we’re doing some hiking in Arches, and relaxing.  Also recovering, as most muscles hurt as this point, but its a good hurt.  Moab is the same, but changed.  Mondo coffee is gone (home of the world’s greatest coffeehouse slogan: Coffee: still legal in Utah) or moved, new businesses are here.  I am very happy to report that Desert Thread is still here, and has a big selection of local fibres:


Some greys for mittens from Cunnington Farms, Moab Utah.  This may also make a really good Turn a Square hat. 


And new to me this year is a local dyer of Moab fibre.  This is from Temis (?) California Red Cheviot and Suffolk Sheep dyed with Brazilwood.  I waffled for about five minutes on whether to choose this or yarn dyed with madder or other natural dyes.  The colours were all so beautiful.  I have two skeins of cream wool at home, and this is going to make some great mittens or hats.  It could also be a nice accent in grey pair of Estonian mittens.

The sub-zero Calgary temperatures have been thawed out of our bones, and replaced with the warmth of the red rocks.


5 Responses to “170+ Miles = Our Butts Hurt!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Wonderful photo of you! Glad you had a good time.

  2. margene said

    Happy Spring! Moab must be amazing this year. The yarn looks fabulous…lucky you!

  3. Anne said

    Fantastic photo – I know just where you are standing too!

    Part of the ride you did on Sunday is one we do in late October for our horsey endurance ride. That climb is tough!

  4. No more Mondo Coffee? Rats!

    You look fab and WARM!

    That must be Canyonlands?

  5. Jewel said

    You look sooo cute! What great yarn, I love that gray.

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