69-The Year of Love

March 25, 2009

Daddio turned 69 yesterday, and has begun his year of love.  I hope that he wears flowers in his hair, flowered shirts and shorts and sandals, and has lovely thoughts all year long!  May you be surrounded by those you love, receive the love of those far away, and return the love twicefold! 

The alternate name of this blog post is “Colorado Low”.  Yesterday in Manitoba I learned what that is as a nasty snowstorm came into the province turning everything white and icy.  I did the three hour drive on pins and needles, a bit worried when I couldn’t see anything in front of the windshield, or even where the road was.  When I hit the last hour of sheer ice, I slowed down and enjoyed life.  Amazingly only one car was in the ditch (way in the ditch, almost up to the door in water) which is a testament to local drivers knowing how to slow down and drive to conditions.  In the past when I’ve made presentations I’ve received some nice gifts, a logo mug, a picnic blanket.  This gift however was outstanding and I love it.  Each presenter received:


A painting on a real maple leaf encased in glass.  Isn’t it pretty?


3 Responses to “69-The Year of Love”

  1. Anne said

    It is beautiful! But I’m not 100% convinced it made up for the travel through icky, white-knuckle-driving weather….

  2. Cheryl S. said

    That’s definitely a neat gift, and certainly something unique.

    Happy birthday to Daddio!

  3. Billy said

    It is! It took me a while to figure out what it was, it is so intricate it almost looks like a photo!

    Happy Birthday to Daddio!

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