Waiting For the Snow to Melt

March 27, 2009

So that bike and I can get outside again.  Or rather, Gus and I, as I like to call my LeMond road bike:


That’s the two of us heading up to Dead Horse Point.  Mr. J. and I were just talking about how we expected this ride to take us about four hours, and it actually took us 7 hours.  And most of that was at a slight to medium “up”, as we zoomed on the way down.  I discovered on the descents that any speed above 30 m/hr makes me very, very nervous, and I begin to visualize what would happen if my front wheel fell off, etc.  I’m getting more comfortable with the high speed descents, but its pretty white knuckle for me, and I tend to start slowing myself down.

I’m hoping this weekend will involve a lot of time puttering around the house with my faithful companions Jack and Piper.  Trust me, they are never far away.  Tonight is a girls night out with an old friend, and tomorrow may be a pub night.  Home time however is at a high priority right now as I may be out traveling the next two weeks.  Spring cleaning is gripping me as I’ve been rummaging around my closet finding things to give to charity, and wondering why I’m keeping other items.  Out, out! 

And a big “Boo!” to the CBC in Calgary last night who did not televise the men’s skating in Prime Time like their website said they would.  Sounds like Patrick Chan gave a good effort to rise from third to silver, and the American skater zoomed from third to gold!  He must have skated really well.  I would have liked to see it.  Boo!

Have a nice weekend everyone, think snow melting thoughts!


2 Responses to “Waiting For the Snow to Melt”

  1. Jewel said

    I really admire you and your bike. Hubby and I was just talking about getting are bike ready for a ride. Hopefully I can stay on mine this year!

  2. Auntie K said

    If you don’t mind waiting a bit, I have it on tape. Your mommy asked me to do it. 🙂

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