Daffodil Wednesday

April 1, 2009

But sadly the only daffodils are inside, part of a fund raising drive for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Watching them open over the last day has cheered up some of the winter blues, but hasn’t taken the chill out of my bones that this morning’s snow brought.


I don’t have many exciting photos of works in process, as a few items are *almost* there.  The cabled tank needs a turtle neck and arm bands, the yellowberry scarf needs another 10 inches, my blue knee high shooting socks have their first heel.  Therefore the photos would look like last weeks, with just a bit more.  In anticipation of starting a grown up February Lady’s jacket soon I’m making a lovely baby one first that is adorable so far.  This jacket was originally meant for a baby that is much too big now, therefore I’m making it in anticipation of the next baby.  Yes, I’m stock piling baby gifts so that I have something to give when the baby is actually born, rather than one year later when it doesn’t fit anymore.  Brilliant eh? 

Its amazing how noisy my 14th floor office actually is.  None of my co-workers are in yet, but from outside I can hear the train going by, and the noises of the construction site banging away.  The cars are zipping by, looking small from up here, but no honking horns, that would be rude to us Canadians.  Well now, my boss has arrived, and the coffee should be ready.  Work is busy, and I’ve got a number of sticky problems to sort through, most of which involved the two dreaded P’s: politics and personality.  Off I go!


4 Responses to “Daffodil Wednesday”

  1. Jewel said

    I love daffodiles, they are such a happy flower.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    I’ve had daffodils for weeks, and now the early tulips are starting to bloom!! But it’s snowing again today.

  3. sayingthings said

    Sorry it’s all politics and personality for you this week. For me, this week’s work is all about correcting my own screw-ups. Sigh.

    Pretty flowers, though.

  4. Unlike Cheryl, I have only daffodil buds, and the only flowers in my yard are still the crocuses you saw when you were here. I should check the grocery store, they’re so cheery to have around.

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