It Would Have Been Nice if it had Worked Out

April 7, 2009

I do hope nothing is wrong with my camera, perhaps when I zoom into the distance its losing its focus.  This vista is so pretty, on the way out of Gravelbourg:


The lonely church, white spire pointing resolutely to the sky (or heaven if you lean that way), wide open prairie, lonely rememants of snow.  Just imagine the church is in focus, and the rest of it. 

Also, to the snow still left around here: it would have been nice it if had worked out.  I mean it was fun for a long time, but now I’m so over you and I’m ready to see the ground again.  The good news is that I think you’ll be gone by the end of the week.  The Bow river is open again, and running strong but still clear, the glacier blue colour evident.  The muddy brown, the light brown of silt isn’t in there yet, which means no melting in the mountains as of yet.  The level hasn’t risen very much either, but it will soon.  Ah spring, bring it on.



3 Responses to “It Would Have Been Nice if it had Worked Out”

  1. sayingthings said

    I like it. The church-y landscape, I mean.

  2. margene said

    The mountains aren’t melting here, either and more snow is expect this week!!

  3. That shot reminds me of that Ansel Adams photograph in the Southwest, with the graveyard crosses lit up at about that same distance. Fantastic.

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