Winter is out, Spring is In

April 9, 2009

I’ve been busy finishing up all my winter projects, with photos to follow this weekend hopefully.  The angora Yellowberry scarf is done and blocked, the cabled tank is awaiting yet another ball to be purchased so that I can finish it up.  I decided to make the full 8 inch turtleneck, as I do love a warm neck and chin in the winter.  I’m ready for the spring knitting!


This yarn is so springlike, a lovely Koigu purchased last year.  Its making a darling cute baby jacket and is a delight to work on.  Instead of a February jacket, its an April jacket.  And here is a contest: the next friend who has a baby girl (or baby boy if he is a lively lad who does’t mind a bit o’ pink in his wardrobe) will get this.  Ready, set, Procreate!! 

And in another spring first, I rode my bike into work this morning.  I did misjudge an ice sheet about an inch thick, with water on top coming out of the T-hood and took a good spill onto my side/butt.  It didn’t hurt because a) I’m well padded in that area and b) I’ve done that about a million times on the ice this winter whilst figure skating.  However a few cars did go by without stopping to ask if I was okay which always bugs me a bit.  But I picked myself up, and kept going except with a now wet butt.  As the temperature was below freezing it was good motivation to pedal hard and build up some good body heat so that my butt didn’t freeze.  Vroom!  And in a huge shout-out to my building managed by GWL Realty, the Watermark Tower, they are adding a second bike cage so that more people can ride to work.  Yeah for them.  Now if I can just get them to move the smokers away from it, I’ll be happy.  Nothing like an asthma attack after riding your bike for an hour. 

Happy Good Friday, Easter, Rite of Spring, whatever you celebrate this weekend.  We have tomorrow off, and I get to leave early today so I’m heading home on ma bike, and hope to enjoy nice weather this weekend.  Bring on the flowers Mother Nature, we’re ready for some pretty ones.


5 Responses to “Winter is out, Spring is In”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    No procreation here, thank you very much!
    But it’s going to be an adorable sweater.

    Glad you weren’t hurt in the spill!

  2. Jewel said

    I hope your behind is ok! I you sure you should be riding when there is ice! Its raining and snowing here!

  3. sayingthings said

    Oh, I’m sure someone will oblige with a little conception/adoption action. Not me, though. You are an amazingly committed biker. Me? I don’t even have a bike anymore.

  4. Good for you, riding to work!

    Cute sweater.

  5. melanie said

    Still no sign of a flower – although I have seen a couple Robins but didn’t have a camera on me.

    No procreation going on here either – I did that this time last year so I think I’m going to take a nice break. 🙂

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