This Weekend it Snowed Both Days, so I made a Toque

April 27, 2009

Of which I have no photos as of yet!  It is a very lovely Thorpe toque however, that will be even warmer once I felt it slightly.  It is destined to be donated for a charitable cause once the finishing touches are put on.

When I could drag myself away from the fireplace to face the cold snowy outside world, Mr. J and I did actually attend the Calgary Comic Expo.  There were comics, and figurines, and people dressed up funny.  I felt very inadequate with my non 48″ bust, and non 25″ waist.  We had thought this was much later in the year, and I had planned to knit Mr. J. a Yoda hat (to make a 6’7″ Yoda, which is funny!) but alas there as no time.  HOWEVER, we did manage to find where they were taping the “Ed the Sock” show and interviewing celebrities.  Very important celebrities that is from Battlestar Galatica, and Lord of the Rings.  And some guy that does voices, we left during that one.  (Sidenote: we did think about trying to get Ed the Sock to hold my sock for a photo, but he was very busy interviewing people!).  Long story short we heard Edward James Olmos, Sean Astin, and Dualla from BSG.  Margo Kidder was there, Ando from Heroes was supposed to be there, but we didn’t see him.  Caylee from Firefly.  Mr. J and I didn’t feel like dropping the autograph or photograph fees ($50) therefore we just walked around and stared.  We had a discussion about what we would say if we actually talked to them, came up blank, and decided gawking was good enough for us. 


In summary: snow, fireplaces, famous people sightings, getting ready for work week!


2 Responses to “This Weekend it Snowed Both Days, so I made a Toque”

  1. Anne said

    Sounds like a lotta fun! Too bad about the sock photo op tho. 😉

  2. Jewel said

    Sounds like a fun time! I have a grandson named after Lord of the Rings (Stryder) and a grand-dog named after Firefly (Wash). We are a very strange family!!!

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