Summer Goals

April 28, 2009

As you have figured out by now, I love goals.  For the first 24 years of my life I had such clear goals; finish grade school, graduate high school with a high enough average to get into engineering, make it through first year (which became the goal of just pass!), and graduate university.  Get a job.  Then our goals become a bit looser; do a good job, enjoy life, buy a house, find a life partner.  Its not so clear cut anymore.  Especially the life partner thing as we are told to just not look, then he will come.  Or look harder, have a date a night!  Maybe you are looking too hard?  Geez.  Therefore goals, I love goals.  Ones I can achieve with hard work, ones that focus my efforts, ones I can write on a list and cross off with a big shiny red line. 

Goals 1) I’m not halfway done with my yarn diet yet, and I’d really like to be done by July, for the Stampede yarn sales.  (Yes I’m aiming for you Pudding Yarn, and that gorgeous  cotton to make Flower Child with).  Two more sweaters, 2.5 more shawls/scarves, 2.25 more pairs of socks.  That’s a lotta knitting! 

Goals 2) I have two biking goals this summer, the first of which is the MSBike Ride in June.  Its a two day ride with some good distance each day.  I haven’t signed up yet, but plan to soon, I hope there is still room.  As I don’t like to ask for money the plan is to have a yard sale and raise some cash that way.  Each weekend in May is going to be devoted to knitting little items I can sell, and given my baby happy neighbourhood, I plan to make baby hat and mitts sets.  Me Mum is busy making cotton shopping bags to sell as well!  As a good friend has MS, I feel strongly about doing this ride this summer.

Goals 3) I’m signed up for the 24 hour race again in July, and I”d like to shave 1/2 hour off my time.  Which is still slow, but will mean considerable work on my part to achieve.  The diet, the training, all the biking to achieve a decent time.  The pay off of course is being able to keep up better on social rides, instead of everyone having to wait for me to walk up the hills.  It also means a stronger, leaner, fitter me that looks better in a short skirt, which won’t be bad either eh? 

Ready set go!!!


One Response to “Summer Goals”

  1. Anne said

    Great goals! The MS Ride sounds like a really good cause too!

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