A Spring Hat for Calgary!

April 30, 2009


Which is good for -40 oC as I’ve felted the hat slightly.  I am being a bit sarcastic about the “spring” hat part, but when today is the first day it hasn’t snowed in 5 days, one gets a bit on edge.  And not just a few snowflakes either, Sunday’s storm was sideways white-out snow!  Its hard to believe tomorrow is May Day (and Ride your Bike to work Day!!!).   With most of my winter stuff here I’ve been doing slight felts on it to keep the wind out.  The wind is like knives as times, and cuts through all the knitted toques and mitts to freeze your skin unless the material is very dense. 

This is a Thorpe hat, and made of Manos wool.  It may or may not get a crocheted flower attached to it somewhere, I’m considering the location.  (one on the top, the side, on each tie?).  It is very, very warm.  Very warm.  It is being donated to the Western Canada Oddball Blanket Society charity fundraiser, so it you want a really warm noggin next winter, you’ll know what to do!!


2 Responses to “A Spring Hat for Calgary!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Sorry about all the snow, but at least the hat is in pretty spring colors!

  2. melanie said

    Ha! I keep telling the Mister I need to make myself a Spring Touque – but in this city you really do need one!

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