Happy Birthday to Mumsie!!!!

May 6, 2009

Once upon a time my Mum was a cute nurse in nursing college.  I’ve seen photos of her wearing her little white dress uniform, with her starched cap with points on her hairdo.  The students lived at the college, and lived under strict discipline (it was before the 60’s after all, and womens lib).  My Mum’s best friends are still the ones she made at the college, and thru them she was introduced to Dad as well, waaay back then.  Dad was a skinny police cadet, wearing his uniform, driving his harley davisdon motorcycle around Toronto, catching bad guys, giving out tickets, and various other things police aren’t allowed to do these days.  They worked hard, had fun after work, and saved money for their first home so that they could have their lovely children, which of course have made their lives completely meaningful, for whom they are thankful for every day.  Yes, even the day I pulled the towel rack out of the wall, or when I broke the lid of the cookie jar, or thrilled you with phone calls that began with “so I’m in the hospital….”. 

Hope you are having a good day, and hanging out with all your old friends, and eating cake!



2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Mumsie!!!!”

  1. Mom said

    Thanks Anne.
    I wish I had done my training at a Community College but it was done at a hospital school. If it had been at college, there would have been fewer restrictions.
    I treasure the friends I made there.

  2. Jewel said

    Happy Birthday Mumsie!

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